Sheriffs forced to take DRASTIC action after California becomes sanctuary state

There are times when you have to wonder if the progressive socialist left is hell bent on its own destruction?

Once upon a time any allegations or assertions that the liberal progressive left had an anti-American agenda was met with derision and denigrating response. However, since the results of the November 2016 election, it’s hardly debatable: the left in America has gone off the rails. And the recent action in California — and why does any other state embrace California liberal progressive policies — by Governor Jerry Brown is a further testimony that the left does not respect the sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic.

As reported by the Free Beacon, “California’s sheriffs are calling on the GOP-controlled Congress to intervene and pass a federal law to change the state’s sanctuary state status, warning the law that ties their hands too tightly will only increase the chances of another high-profile tragedy. 

The sanctuary state law, which Gov. Jerry Brown (D.) signed Thursday but doesn’t go into effect until January, is the most far-reaching of its kind in the country and places sharp limits on how local law enforcement agencies can communicate with federal immigration authorities. It would also make it a crime to enforce federal immigration laws on the premises of all schools, hospitals, libraries, and courthouses in state, which is home to an estimated two million immigrants. 

Making the entire state a sanctuary for illegal immigrants is California’s latest salvo in its war with President Donald Trump over immigration policy, but law enforcement officials say it’s the state’s citizens who will pay the price with higher crime rates and avoidable tragedies. National Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director and CEO Jonathan Thompson said Thursday that sheriffs across the country are deeply “saddened and disappointed” that the governor signed this “reckless” bill into law.”

Here is the state of California, the progressive socialist left, telling the family of Kate Steinle that her death means nothing to them when it comes to harboring the type of person who killed her. It cannot be dismissed that the left is more aligned with criminal illegal behavior than protecting the everyday American citizen. This entire move towards having sanctuaries for illegal immigrants puts so many American citizens in danger.

Even consider the absurdity of the change in policy in Portland, Oregon to no longer maintain a gang member list because minorities are gang members. It’s the insidious worshipping at the altar of political correctness and identity politics that has clouded the judgment of the left and their elected officials. And the mentality of “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants isn’t just a concept dominating in places such as California and Chicago, it has proliferated and found a home here in Texas. How interesting it is that activist judges say the federal government cannot withhold funds from cities, counties and states taking this unlawful stance? That means you, the law-abiding American taxpayer, will have your resources going to regions that place the well-being of those here illegally over you. What could be more unfair than that?

“Sheriffs said the law would prevent police from notifying ICE of self-admitted members of MS-13 or other gangs if they were arrested for misdemeanor crimes such as assault and battery, possession of narcotics, being under the influence of narcotics, or driving without a license. “If a gang member is arrested or charged with misdemeanor or a felony that is not covered by the law, we would be precluded from contacting ICE,” California State Sheriffs’ Associate President Bill Brown told the Washington Free Beacon. “My concern is that, statewide, we’re going to have this issue—that you end up with a known gang member in custody for a particular crime that is not covered and we wouldn’t be able to make that notification.”

However, if California and other leftist states take the position of Portland, Oregon, then designation and use of gang lists is racist and should not be utilized.

One just has to ask, does the Democrat Party truly believe this is a winning policy agenda position? Do they think that they can deliver this message and find electoral success outside of their failing “sanctuaries” such as California, Illinois, and the upper East Coast? Eventually it will dawn upon the “legal” minority communities that they’re being used as pawns. And I tend to believe the stranglehold the police unions once held forcing law enforcement to vote en masse for Democrats is all but over…New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has enabled that.

I’d love to have any progressive socialist explain to us how this move to provide safe harbor for illegal immigrants is first legal, law-abiding, and secondly, a winning proposition?

Well, there are two important electoral positions. First of all, if redistricting is ruled to be based on population numbers, and not numbers of American citizens, then the left wins. As well, the flooding of America with illegals is believed, by the left, to provide them a future electoral advantage. That’s their strategy and the only way they can be stopped is to ensure we have more Constitutional Conservatives, not progressive Republicans, who gain seats of power at the state and federal level. I’ve gotta admit, California is pretty much done, but we must stem the export of their policy folly into other states. We must restore states like Arizona and New Mexico back into a more commonsense fold. It just amazes me how folks will flee these failing blue states, move into successful red states, and then want to convert the red states into failing blue states.

If you’re a law-abiding American citizen in California, do you really believe Governor Jerry Brown and his ilk have your best interest at heart? The seminal question is simple: does any true American citizen believe progressive socialists have their best interests at heart?

Then let’s stop voting for them.

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