Columbus Day hysteria reaches JAW-DROPPING new low in Los Angeles

Every year, Columbus Day offers leftists another chance to lecture the country about their moral superiority.

As the story goes, Columbus was a genocidal maniac that represents white supremacy, so celebrating this holiday is just another way America institutionalizes racism.

Never mind the fact that Columbus Day was originally meant to be an inclusive holiday; celebrating it nowadays clearly makes you a racist.

With this being the first Columbus Day since Trump took office, liberal hysteria over the day has reached a fever pitch. Sadly, this hysteria has manifested itself in some ugly ways, including an Antifa plot to deface as many statues of Christopher Columbus as possible. No longer are liberals satisfied with virtue signalling; they now want to vandalize property as well.

Even more striking, the hysteria over Columbus Day isn’t limited to fringe political groups.

In Los Angeles, the city government just replaced the holiday with “Indigenous Peoples Day,” much to the dismay of local Italians, who see that move as culturally insensitive, too. Other cities replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day include Austin, Tx.; San Francisco, Ca.; Seattle, Wa.; and Denver, Co.

In Akron, Ohio, a September vote over matter got so heated it required conflict mediators cool tensions. And in New York, home of an annual Columbus Day parade, protesters covered the hands of the Christopher Columbus statue in red paint and wrote “Hate will not be tolerated” on its base.

In any case, it appears the city of Los Angeles wasn’t just satisfied with erasing the holiday.

From CBS Los Angeles:

A statue of Christopher Columbus was covered up Monday just as the first Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles got underway.

That statue is located in downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Park, in front of an entrance to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse off Hill Street. A white paper cover now covers the sculpture of Christopher Columbus and the block it stands on, and the entire display is now surrounded by a chain-link fence.

City officials did not say they were going to cover up the statue, but Christopher Columbus monuments in other cities like New York have been defaced.

The Los Angeles City Council voted in August to rename Columbus Day – a federal holiday for more than 80 years – to Indigenous Peoples Day, but it has until 2019 to officially create the new holiday while it drafts and creates a new ordinance.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior has become a common tactic for the Left. Instead of understanding and learning from history, liberals have taken to rewriting or just erasing it. After tearing down Confederate monuments across the country, Columbus has become the next target. Soon enough, they’ll be going after Jefferson and Washington as well.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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