As nation reels from Las Vegas, new DISTURBING facts emerge about Scalise shooter

The cold and calculated shooting at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia by a radical leftist, James Hodgkinson, that left Congressman Steve Scalise severely injured shed astonishing light on the sheer level of divisiveness between right and left in our country.

While Steve Scalise is on his way toward making a full recovery, the investigation into the Las Vegas massacre continues full throttle, revealing more insight into Stephen Paddock’s several months-long plan to inflict maximum carnage at the Mandalay Bay and other public venues. With Paddock’s past coming into view, we’re just now learning that Hodgkinson may have had a similar strategy.

From the Hill:

The shooter who injured House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and three others at a congressional baseball practice in June apparently surveyed the baseball field for months before the shooting, according to a new report.

The report by the commonwealth’s attorney for the City of Alexandria found that James Hodgkinson, the 66-year-old shooter, had cellphone video of the practice field where the shooting occurred back in April, and had been spotted by neighbors “casing” the area for months.

One member of the GOP’s baseball team also saw Hodgkinson sitting alone in the stands watching the game in the morning before the shooting occurred.
During the attack, Hodgkinson fired at least 70 rounds, most of them from an assault rifle, the report says. He was wounded by return fire from Capitol Police officers, and died at George Washington University Hospital from his injuries.

The psychological profile of both shooters is intriguing and hopefully can shed light on how to better interdict crazed individuals from employing similar tactics in the future. We can all hope and pray that events like Alexandria and Las Vegas become less frequent as time passes.

[Note: This article was written by Zachary Smith]

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