CHILLING facts emerge about Vegas killer and his girlfriend

While much of the country is still reeling over the massacre in Las Vegas, authorities are busy trying to piece together details about the man that carried out the attack.

Most importantly, investigators are desperately searching for a motive to explain the tragedy. However, unlike previous mass shootings, this one’s proving difficult to find.

While we know Stephen Paddock was a wealthy gambler, little else is known about why he would carry out the monstrous attack. According to his family, Paddock had no strong religious or political convictions — a fact that ISIS, who has taken responsibility for the attack, has been disputing ever since it happened.

Finding the key to the case may lie in talking with his girlfriend, Marilou Danley. Paddock apparently used identification belonging to her when checking in to the Las Vegas hotel where he committed the massacre. He also wired $100,000 to the Philippines before committing the atrocity.

This morning, the gunman’s girlfriend was met by FBI agents at Los Angeles International Airport when she returned to the U.S. after a long trip abroad. And already, bizarre new details have started to emerge about her — some false, some true.

For example Newsweek falsely reported that the girlfriend of the Las Vegas gunman had been simultaneously married to two men and used two Social Security numbers during her 20-plus years in the U.S.

But public records found by showed that these were, in fact, two different women. Moreover, her family claims she’s not concerned she’ll be implicated in the mass murder.

Reynaldo Bustos immediately called his younger sister Marilou [Danley] to ask her if she was okay after her boyfriend Stephen Paddock killed 58 in Vegas on Sunday.

“I called her up immediately and she said, ‘Relax, we shouldn’t worry about it. I’ll fix it. Do not panic. I have a clean conscience,'” Bustos said in an interview from the Philippine capital of Manila according to ABC News.

Danley’s two sisters, meanwhile, insisted that their sister is a “good and gentle person” and was as “shocked'” as the rest of the world at what had happened.

“He sent her away so that he can plan what he is planning without interruptions,” one of the sisters said, according to the Daily Mail.

The paper also reported that Paddock regularly berated his wife in front of employees at the local Starbucks.

And another bit of evidence has surfaced that may be relevant to the case:

It has been revealed that Paddock was prescribed anti-anxiety medication Valium back in June, which has been linked to increased aggressive behavior in multiple studies.

Paddock was taking 10 milligram tablets at the time of the massacre, though it is not known why he was prescribed them or whether he had underlying behavioral issues. 

In any case, it’s obvious we’re still in the early innings of this investigation. And Danley’s return could prove a pivotal turning point in the investigation.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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