Just released: MIND BLOWING pictures and video of Las Vegas massacre taken by the shooter

Photos of the Las Vegas mass murderer’s hotel room have been released — and they are sickening.

According to the Daily Mail:

Video from outside the Las Vegas shooter’s hotel room show the mess left behind after he clashed with a SWAT team in his final moments before killing himself.

Shooter Stephen Paddock, 64, used his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort and casino as a sniper’s nest to attack 22,000 concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival Sunday night — killing 59 and injuring 527.

It took police 72 minutes to pinpoint Paddock in his room. By then, Paddock had ceased shooting, but as police neared, he opened fire again – shooting at officers through the front door of his suite.

The video released Tuesday shows bullet holes piercing the left side of the suite’s double doors. However, most of the door is knocked down from when the SWAT team blew it off its hinges to storm the luxury room.

By the time officers made it into the suite, Paddock had already killed himself.

The [warning: graphic] video can be seen here:

There have also been equally disturbing photos of the scene released via the Twitter feed of Fox reporter Jacqui Heinrich:

According to Fox25Boston.com

Las Vegas police said he [Stephen Paddock] had 23 guns inside his hotel room, including semiautomatic rifles. Also, investigators said, 19 guns were found in his home along with thousands of rounds of ammunition.

These photos and video help paint a picture of the disturbed mind of Stephen Paddock.

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