Dems cite Las Vegas and Orlando in gun control debate, yet remain silent on one chilling statistic

Like the sun coming up in the morning, you can count on a predictable liberal reaction to a mass shooting. Before the wounded are able to receive care, and the blood that was shed has dried, the left will already be busy making the case for more gun control. After all, why wait for the facts to come out and the carnage to clear when there is a political narrative to push?

Of course, liberals never miss an opportunity to politicize a tragedy. Very suddenly, the left is outraged by “easy access” to guns. Yet, where has this outrage been for the last nine months? As tragic as the Las Vegas shooting was, the death toll pales in comparison to the year Chicago is having. In fact, Chicago recorded more murders in June alone than the death toll in Las Vegas. However, liberal outrage is nowhere to be found.

From the Daily Wire:

The murder toll in Las Vegas on Sunday makes it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Know what they call that in Chicago? June.

Actually, there were 84 murders in Chicago, just in June, according to, which keeps a running tally.

There were 76 murders in July, 50 in August.

And there were 59 murders in Chicago last month, so the death toll in Las Vegas — again, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history — was just a normal September there.

So far in Chicago, where Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff for Barack Obama, is mayor, there have been 519 murders this year. And there’s still a quarter of the year to go. But the numbers get crazy when totaling “gun violence” victims: In 2015, 2,988 people were victims of gun violence, according to records kept by The Chicago Tribune.

That number soared in 2016. There were 4,368 shooting victims last year, the Tribune reported.

No doubt, 4,368 shooting victims is a tragedy. However, you never hear calls for gun control in response. The reason, of course, is that gun control doesn’t work:

Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, right up there with New York and Los Angeles (lawmakers there bristle when anyone says they have the “most restrictive” in the country, but everyone agrees Chicago’s gun laws are at least “quite restrictive”).

While residents can now buy a gun — they were banned in Chicago until a 2010 Supreme Court ruling — the process of doing so is quite difficult. And Gov. Bruce Rauner in August 2016 approved a new law making gun laws tighter CNN reported.

But gangs run the streets of the Windy City, and the mayor has had no impact on reducing shootings.

In truth, the left only seeks to capitalize on tragedy when it fits their narrative. A white supremacist tragically murders the members of a black church? Nonstop media coverage, calls for gun control, hysteria over racism. A Sudanese immigrant tragically murders members of a mostly white church? Crickets from the liberal punditry.

The deaths of 59 Chicago citizens in September alone are no less tragic than the 59 deaths of concertgoers in Las Vegas. Yet, Las Vegas is the tragedy liberals use to push for gun control. As Chicago has clearly demonstrated, those plans are unlikely to work.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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