LISTEN: Las Vegas police release CHILLING audio of SWAT in action

After another mass shooting, this time in Las Vegas, Americans across the country are starving for answers as to why Stephen Paddock decided to murder 50 people and injure 400 others in a senseless shooting rampage.

While we continue to wait for more information from the police about the shooter and his motivation, one tidbit that’s come out is the recording of Las Vegas SWAT breaching the shooter’s room.

And it’s pretty chilling stuff.

via Twitchy:

Paddock was apparently dead when he was found by authorities, which is a real shame, as that prevented families of the victims from getting a full measure of justice and closure. Hopefully, we’ll all have definitive answers as to why this man did what he did — and soon.

In the meantime, it’s critically important that we be ready to defend our Second Amendment rights while also being sensitive to the needs and concerns of those involved in this tragedy.

The left has wasted no time in calling for gun control, which unfortunately means we have to be prepared for a political battle.

The left’s immediate politicization of the massacre is shameful, but that’s the way our political climate is these days.

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