Schumer drops BOMBSHELL over secret deal Dems made with Trump

Someone is definitely lying to us.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, claims he and House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi had a cozy dinner meeting with the president last month and reached a deal with President Trump on DACA that excluded funding for a border wall. Schumer is now claiming the wall is not that important to the president.

Per the Daily Wire, Senator Schumer recounted during a podcast that:

On Dreamers, he said, you know, that he understood that they didn’t come in through any fault of their own, that they’re good Americans, good kids. And then he said he wants the wall in return. And we said “No. No wall, Mr. President.’ And he tried that for about 15 minutes, but he’s not going to push me around verbally or any other way. And he finally said, “OK, we won’t do the wall. We’ll do some other kind of border security.”

If this is so, it would be shocking news indeed.

The Senator’s initial claim of reaching a DACA deal with the president was almost immediately contradicted:

The president also left no room for interpretation on his stance on building a border wall:

Yet Senator Schumer continues to provide a narration of his September White House meeting that makes it sound as though he could have convinced Donald Trump to kneel for the national anthem on Monday Night Football if that was what he wanted the president to do.

Schumer said glibly about his negotiating with Trump: “What I find is I go right back at him as a New Yorker, and he sort of seems to enjoy that.”

Needless to say, a deal with the Democrats that would give amnesty to DACA recipients but would exclude building a wall would leave most Trumpsters crestfallen and would result in Chuck Schumer being carried around the Senate on the shoulders of his colleagues in the Democrat Party.

Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer are friends, obviously. And the president has given more in political donations to Senator Schumer than to any other politician.

However, ‘building a wall’ is such a fundamental campaign promise, much like “No New Taxes” was a few decades ago, that breaking it would be unimaginable, regardless of what Senator Schumer heard or thought he heard in that September meeting.

[Note: This post was written by dk. Find him online at the African American Conservatives (AACONS) website or AACONS on Twitter and Facebook]

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