Whoa: Look what liberals want to do to YOUR car NOW…

What do liberals love to do the most? Ban things. They love restricting the public’s freedom of choice and options and increasing manufacturing costs (and all other costs for that matter) by banning, banning, banning.

Where are there more liberals in control than anywhere else in America? California. You’ll never guess what one of California’s liberal legislators wants banned next — cars.  Not just any cars, but gasoline-powered cars. It’s just another step and some would say a natural progression of the state’s incessant succumbing to the rabid environmental left and its equally incessant drive (no pun intended) to control the population’s lives.

The story was originally broken in the Sacramento Bee and picked up by Daily Caller.

“Assemblyman Phil Ting plans to introduce a bill in January that would ban the sale of gas-powered cars produced after 2040. The Democratic lawmaker said California drivers must adopt electric vehicles if the state is going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – but some are scoffing at the push.

“The market is moving this way. The entire world is moving this way. At some point you need to set a goal and put a line in the sand,” Ting told reporters Friday. Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club have joined his push to wipe out the state’s fossil fuel industry.

“It’s an important conversation to have and we’re glad it’s starting to get some traction,” said Gina Coplon-Newfield, an official with the Sierra Club who works on promoting green energy technology…

Kerry Jackson, a fellow at the Pacific Research Institute, a California-based free market non-profit group, for instance, told reporters that the push to force citizens to abandon their gas-powered cars is another example of the state’s overzealous environmentalism.

“The reaction is like, ‘Gee, somebody has been reading The Onion and they got taken in by the parody,” he said, responding to lawmakers’ desire to delete the fossil fuel industry. “But then it fades a little bit and you go, ‘Yeah, this is California.’”

Electric vehicle sales in California amount to less than five percent of the state’s overall car sales, despite the Golden State’s title as a champion for the electric vehicle market. Analysts, meanwhile, believe the market for these types of vehicles is not anywhere near large enough to overcome gas-powered cars.

“I think really the lag here is consumers,” Jessica Caldwell, an analyst with Edmunds, told reporters Friday. “For the automakers, they have to balance the lawmakers’ desires versus what they can actually sell.”

What Mr. Jackson is talking about here is a little thing called reality. Though greens love to dream of a day when everyone is driving an electric vehicle (whether by choice or by force) the reality is that next-to-nobody is buying those things, as the story then points out:

“The legislation was a shot across the bow of Tesla, a company that relied on a $82.5 million subsidy from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, which gives extra incentive to 32,842 Tesla buyers in seven years.”

Now why would Tesla need a nearly $83 million subsidy and why would consumers need added incentives to purchase Tesla’s products?  Hmmm…

As is the case with virtually all liberal’s ‘dreams of utopia’ legislation, this one is about as short-sighted as can be. Imagine the effect on Californians, particularly on the poor, if gas-powered vehicles where to in essence be banned.  Ever check the price of a Tesla? How many tens of thousands rely on a paycheck from working at Kwik Stop or other convenience stores whose primary source of profits are gasoline sales?

But none of that matters to the libs that run Cali. They’re determined to save the Earth and so what if a few million poor people get crushed in the process, we need to do this!  It’s the old saying all over again: liberalism — ideas so good they ought to be mandatory.

[NOTE: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebook and at RMBlackConservatives.com.]

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