WHOA: Look what happened to Trump’s approval after “S.O.B” comment

The NFL’s deliberate decision to condone its players kneeling before the flag in defense of a tenuous belief that widespread racism exists in America will go down as one of the more boneheaded moves in recent memory.

Led by its liberal hack, Roger Goodell, the NFL has sat by while the anthem kneel has morphed into an anti-Trump demonstration instead of a concerted effort by the players and their respective organizations to donate their time, money and effort to the communities they claim need it most.

As the NFL hoped that America would side with the players and the far-left’s radical pursuit to strip our country of its identity, a new poll shows that the league’s backing of the organizations and players against the Trump administration has been futile, having little to no effect on Trump’s overall approval rating. In fact, the president’s approval rating, per Rasmussen reports, has popped back up to 45 percent.

Is it possible to isolate the factors contributing to that bounce? Could it be other factors such as firing Tom Price, the unveiling of the tax reform plan or the response Puerto Rico post-Maria? Possibly. But one thing seems clear. Trump’s comments appear to have no lasting effect on the opinions of his supporters. And given the drop-off in ticket sales and ratings, it also appears many Americans and erstwhile NFL fans agree with him.

Any move further to the left by the NFL will be suicide for the organization. Mr. Goodell, your agenda is a lost cause. Side with your fans on this one for the sake of the sport and our country.

[Note: This article was written by Zachary Smith]


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