Titan’s Delanie Walker has OUTRAGEOUS message for boycotting fans

‘Old sayings’ have been around and still repeated long enough to be called ‘old sayings’ because of the eternalness of their truth. Here’s one: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” It’s an old saying that someone might want to sit Delanie Walker down and explain to him.

Delanie Walker is a tight end for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans and has opened his yap about fans who are upset over players choosing to disrespect our nation’s flag and anthem by sitting it out at the start of games. He probably should’ve just clammed up.

Walker, who is currently on a two-year contract that’s paying him $13,375,000 (that’s THIRTEEN MILLION THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS) that includes a “signing bonus,” a “roster bonus,” a “workout bonus” plus other incentives, has come across as the ultimate entitled millionaire jock by telling fans he really doesn’t care if you show up.

NBC Sports:

“Some fans have threatened to boycott the NFL over players’ protests during the national anthem. Titans tight end Delanie Walker has a message for them: Bye.

“First off, I’m going to say this: We’re not disrespecting the military, the men and woman that serve in the Army. That’s not what it’s all about,” Walker said, via Jason Wolf of The Tennessean. “. . . I’ve been in the USO. I support the troops. This is not about that. It’s about equal rights, and that’s all everyone is trying to show, is that we all care about each other.

“And the fans that don’t want to come to the game? I mean, OK. Bye. I mean, if you feel that’s something, we’re disrespecting you, don’t come to the game. You don’t have to. No one’s telling you to come to the game. It’s your freedom of choice to do that.”

The Titans were among three teams that skipped the national anthem Sunday after President Donald Trump’s tweets. The President has predicted a backlash against the NFL in the wake of the protests, which included dozens of NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem in Week 3.

“That’s their choice [not to watch],” cornerback Logan Ryan said. “That’s the beauty of this country. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone’s opinion is equal. So right, wrong or indifferent, that’s the beauty of this country — that everyone should have equal rights and equal opinions on what they want. If they don’t want to watch, that’s their choice. That’s perfect.”

The Titans, per Wolf, have not decided how to handle the national anthem this week.”

So you’re telling us if we don’t want to come, don’t come, what do you care?  Well Delanie there’s another old saying you may be getting familiar with real soon — “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”

[NOTE: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebook and at RMBlackConservatives.com.]

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