Blowback on Trump’s NFL comments heats up with NEW shock claim…

What do you find when you obsess over racism and look for it in every possible nook and cranny? You find racism. This week at the intersection of their nonstop racism witch hunt, hatred for Donald Trump and NFL national anthem protests, two of the nation’s biggest race baiting outfits – the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus – have found what they’re perpetually looking for.

Invited onto CNN as a guest analyst to talk about the NFL protests and fan reactions to them, former NAACP President Cornell Brooks wasted no time getting to the heart of the matter.  Asked about the protests by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Brooks came out swinging,

“Unfortunately, it pains me to say this, that the president’s tweets and comments have nothing to do with the flag and everything to do with race.”

Oh yeah, I’ll bet it pains you to say that. But he was just getting warmed up. Brooks then went on to explain how saying “son of a b*tch” is actually code for saying “n*gger:”

“When the president refers to Colin Kaepernick in Alabama as a son of the b-word, it is racial code for the n-word across America and in Alabama. Particularly when he does so in the context of a campaign rally for the Republican nominee for the Senate. Particularly when he manages to demonstrate more moral outrage against the NFL as opposed to Nazis. This has everything to do with race.

…and so for the president to go down to Alabama and engage in race baiting is frankly disgraceful.”

So now apparently, saying “son of a b*tch” is racial code “across America.” Who knew?

Brooks’ point of view was so outlandish that even Wolfe couldn’t let such a lead balloon hang in the air, and so he asked the only logical follow-up question, “But why do you say it’s code for the n-word?”

“Well when you refer to an African-American player, in Alabama, ah, as a son of a b-word you defame and disgrace his parentage and those like him.”

Ain’t that rich? This guy is actually on national TV (sort of…its CNN) race baiting, accusing Trump of race baiting.  Here’s the actual video if you can stand it:

But by no means does the run stop there. Not to be outdone by the NAACP, the CBC has weighed in with charges of its own, and they’re not playing around. Not only is “son of a b*tch” racial code but we’ve now learned, thanks to the CBC, that it rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors and is an impeachable offense.

Of course Maxine Waters, John Conyers and the rest of the clan are constantly on the #Impeach45 lookout and would like to see Trump impeached for any reason at all. This week we’ve learned that, lo and behold, a president can be impeached for saying something Congressional members don’t like.

As written on CBS Sports:

“… Rep. Al Green of Texas took things a step further later on Tuesday by saying he planned to call for the president’s impeachment over the NFL comments.

“I rise to defend any mother who has been called a dog because her son engaged in peaceful protest. I rise, Mr. Speaker. I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to defend any son who is called the son of a dog because he engaged in peaceful protest. I rise, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I rise to denounce these comments that have been made because they have brought discourse to a new low,” Green said. “Mr. Speaker, this is a level of indecency that is unbecoming of the Presidency. Mr. Speaker, I rise, to say to the world that this is not what America is all about. Calling people SOB’s and we know what a b is — it’s a dog. Mr. Speaker, I rise because my heart tells me that I must doing something.

So Mr. Speaker, I denounce the comments that were made and I rise to announce that on next week Mr. Speaker, I will bring a privileged resolution before the Congress of the United States of America. I will stand here in the well before the Congress, and I will call for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America.”

Wait, so which is it? Is “son of a b*tch” code for “n*gger” or is it a dog? Not that it really even matters. If you look for anything long enough and hard enough you’re going to find it.  This is proof that the NAACP and CBC are some of the best out there. They manage to find just what they’re looking for pretty much every time – racism.

[NOTE: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebook and at]

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