You WON’T believe what one Ivy League school just classified as ‘hate speech’

For many years, building some sort of wall along the Mexican border has been a cornerstone of American political discussion. Going back just a decade, the idea of at least fencing along the border wasn’t even a controversial idea. In fact, it even enjoyed bipartisan support in Washington.

Despite the widespread support for the idea, progress has been slow. For the most part, the only thing preventing a more secure border was the cost of building the fencing. Until now, claims that a border wall were racist or morally wrong were barely part of the discussion. After all, America does have a right to enforce its own immigration laws, who could argue with that?

Of course, times have changed. When Donald Trump entered the 2016 election, he made what had by then become a common promise …. securing the southern border. Except suddenly, this time it was different. This time, border infrastructure was now akin to bigotry. Suddenly, the idea no longer had bipartisan support.

Since then, building the wall has been one of the most divisive issues in American politics. When Trump supporters chanted “build the wall” on the campaign, it was suddenly seen as a form of racism. Instead of what was once a common sense policy proposal, advocating for a border wall is now considered “hate speech.”

Sadly, having what is a normal policy proposal branded as “hate speech” can become a seriously problem these days. To the left, hate speech is something that should be banned. Predictably, what qualifies as hate speech is anything they disagree with. For the left, it’s a pretty convenient way of silencing their political opponents.

If you don’t believe this is becoming a major issue, look no further than what is happening on our university campuses. Here, America’s future leaders are being molded into liberal robots. Unfortunately, that reality has come with some terrifying results. On the campus of Cornell University, the student government is moving to ban “hate speech,” which of course includes support for building a border wall.

From the Washington Times:

A Latino student at Cornell University overheard somebody chanting, “build a wall,” so now the student government passed a resolution condemning “hate speech.”

Whatever that is.

Seriously — what is hate speech?

Read the First Amendment, and it’s not mentioned there. In fact, the whole concept of the First Amendment was in order that government could not intrude on a citizen’s right to express speech deemed by some as offensive — a sort of constitutional right to say hateful things.

Cornell students — and not just students, but the ones who serve on the student government and therefore, ought to know better — just don’t seem to be grasping that point.

Suddenly, what was once a bipartisan issue only ten years ago is hate speech today. At this point, one can only wonder what may be considered hate speech when these students become future leaders of our communities a decade from now. If you’re a conservative, it will probably be most of your political positions.

If the principles of free speech become a casualty of modern political hysteria, the republic founded on that idea is in grave danger. The warning signs are clear, but what can be done to stop it?

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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