The NFL just took ANOTHER big hit — thanks to DirecTV

And the hits just keep on coming for the NFL after their league-wide protest of President Trump last weekend, when many players took the knee during the national anthem and thereby ticked off a whole lot of American viewers.

Players have been refusing to stand for the anthem — not all of them, fortunately — ever since failed quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the trend last year as a means of “protesting” racial inequality. However, fans of the sport were none too happy seeing players disrespecting veterans and their country with their “safe” activism, so they decided not to tune in — giving the NFL rock bottom ratings.

Well, thanks in large part to the revitalization of their efforts on Sunday — a response to President Trump’s harsh rebuke — it looks like they’re headed that same direction again. Not only are they losing sponsorships now, but they’re also bleeding cash, thanks to DirecTV.

According to TheBlaze,

NFL Sunday Ticket is a programming package offered by DirecTV that allows viewers to watch any and all televised NFL regular season games in real time. The average price for the package is around $280 for the season.

According to the Wall Street Journal, several customer service representatives from DirecTV revealed that the company is willing to provide refunds to some customers who “cite players’ national anthem protests as the reason” for wanting to cancel.

The WSJ reported that DirecTV doesn’t generally honor cancellation requests once the regular season is in full swing.

According to the WSJ via NBC Sports: One [representative] said refunds to those concerned about the anthem protests were only offered to subscribers with certain offers or plans. One representative said full refunds were available for those who complained about anthem protests. Another said such people could only get prorated refunds for the remainder of the season. Yet other representatives said the policy hadn’t changed and that no refunds were allowed for any reason.

One customer, Marc Hoffman, spoke with the WSJ and said that after he called DirecTV to request a cancellation, he was awarded a refund as well, something he didn’t expect to get.

Another customer reported that the representative he spoke with stated there was a very high volume of call-ins to cancel the package.

How much more does the NFL need to go through before they finally get the point? Is being “in” with the radical left-wing social justice warriors really worth the price being paid here?

One would think the obvious answer would be no. The more viewers drop, the less advertisers will feel like investing in the league, the less money available for players, stadium repairs, et cetera. This has the potential to destroy their business.

How far must they sink? Guess we’ll find out soon enough — especially if they do nothing to straighten out their players.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]


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