Community outraged over ‘Nazi’ display completely missed one glaring detail

If you thought liberal hysteria had reached its peak, think again. If 2017 has made one thing clear, it’s that the left can get offended by just about anything. Sadly, the list of things that are offensive is so vast, it even includes depictions of historical events and figures.

While the controversy over Confederate statues became a national debate, many didn’t realize at the time that liberals were only getting started. To prove that point, look no further than the reactions over the blockbuster movie, “Dunkirk.” Praised by many as a thrilling account of an important WWII moment, liberals took issue with the lack of minorities and women depicted in the film. Essentially, the leftist mob was upset that Dunkirk accurately portrayed an historical event. Go figure.

Predictably, the hysteria shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Not satisfied with erasing statues, or making historical movies politically correct, liberals in a Michigan community were outraged to find out that a WWII reenactment featured — get this — people dressed as Nazis!

From WNEM:

There is outrage in the community after people were allowed to dress as Nazi soldiers in a local event designed to promote American history.

TV5 received photos from several viewers who were at the River of Time event in Bay City over the weekend. They were upset by the display and questioned why it was allowed.

The event features people dressed in period costumes as soldiers and civilians throughout history.

People who contacted TV5 were upset about folks dressed as Nazi soldiers and officers, holding and flying Nazi flags. TV5 has learned the group with the display travels around the Midwest and it’s the third year they’ve been at the River of Time event.

One would think, of course, that having a reenactment would be a bit tough if it didn’t include both sides of the battle. However, liberals in a rush to be offended by everything don’t see things that way. To them, history needs to be reduced down to rainbows and sunshine, lest someone get triggered by the truth.

Sadly, much of history is dark and distasteful. However, making sure we learn the lessons of history is an important step in not repeating its mistakes. If liberals had their way, the harsh realities of the past would be hidden from future generations.

Not only is that wrong, but it could be dangerous.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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