Yikes! Now there’s ANOTHER reason to dislike Karl Rove

It’s in times like this when we’re reminded why so many conservatives dislike Karl Rove.

According to the former Bush political advisor, President Trump’s suggestion that football players who don’t honor the flag should be fired is a political loser for him.

Breitbart reports:

Rove said, “What instead of swearing at them, he said, ‘I understand that you have a right to do this, but we stand and respect our flag, not because of America’s imperfections, but because we are constantly as a nation aspiring to the approval of history. We salute the flag because the struggles and the sacrifices of generations of Americans to make this a better country. That is why we stand and salute our flag and why we put our hand over our heart.’”

“He could have come away from this the winner,” he continued. “But he is walking away from this a loser in the minds of the American people for exactly the reasons you pointed out. He was against the federal government interfering and telling the Washington Redskins what their name should be. Now he is saying fire those people if they do not stand and respect the flag. He ought to be an aspirational figure. He should not be a condemnatory figure.”

By arguing that President Trump “should not be a condemnatory figure” when what he’s condemning is players kneeling during the National Anthem, Mr. Rove shows that he’s out of touch with the American voter.

According to the Daily News:

On Wednesday, an HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll discovered that 54 percent of Americans believe professional athletes should be required to stand during the national anthem.

The poll also showed 50 percent of Americans (77 percent of Republicans) thought sitting out the anthem was disrespectful while 46 percent (72 percent Democrats) felt the anthem represents the freedom to protest.

Meanwhile, when it comes to telling athletes to “stick to sports,” 58 percent thought they should be politically engaged opposed to 38 percent who did not.

While many have argued the national anthem represents the sacrifices made by the military, the poll found only 27 percent supported that notion while 67 percent believe it is a symbol of our rights and freedom.

It’s important to underscore that while Rachel Maddow’s audience supports kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem or perhaps even during the next Macy’s Fourth of July Clearance sale, this poll found that 77% of Republicans support the president’s comment.

This indicates that Trump’s base — the people who got him elected and will decide if he gets re-elected — largely support the president’s comment.

It’s not the first time Karl Rove has misread Republican voters.

Many will remember he was among the first GOP establishment figure to declare a “war on the Tea Party.”

[Note: This post was written by dk. Find him online at the African American Conservatives (AACONS) website or AACONS on Twitter and Facebook]


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