The unthinkable has happened AGAIN at a public school — and I’m appalled

Not too long ago, I shared with y’all the story of the teenager that struck a teacher in Milwaukee. Now it appears it has happened again — this time in my birth state of Georgia.

I’m just appalled at this lack of discipline and adult respect being displayed in our schools. And when you watch the short video described below, you’ll see why these public schools are failing.

They’re failing when it comes to standards of education and standards of decency.

As reported by the New York Post,

Disturbing cell phone video has emerged showing a Georgia teacher getting pummeled when she tries to get in the middle of two brawling students. The video posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows the unidentified teacher being pounded on the head as she tries to break up the fighting pair of pupils inside a classroom at Rome Middle School in Floyd County. 

The school superintendent told WSB-TV that the school is aware of the incident, but had no further comment. Locals were horrified by the violent behavior shown in the video. 

“That’s a very unfortunate situation … unfortunate for that teacher to get caught up in that,” Floyd County resident Rosemary Ringer told the news outlet.

When I watch this video, one question comes to mind — what’s happening in the home?

Heck, I grew up in the inner city, so of course kids fought, but what we’re seeing now is above and beyond comprehension. The fact that we now have armed law enforcement officers at our schools should give reason to pause. And when we have an atmosphere where teachers are not protected, respected, supported — but are instead blamed — we have a national crisis.

Ours is a system no longer focused on education, but rather indoctrination. It’s also being run by bloated administrations that often don’t place the emphasis on the classroom and don’t provide proper resources to the teachers.

Sure, we have some teachers who shouldn’t be in a classroom. But mostly, we have parents — actually in many cases, one parent — who are not engaged, and certainly not involved.

But they’re the first ones to come rushing to a school campus to  disparage  teachers rather than support them. You know, how does it go? “My baby ain’t got no problems, and y’all ain’t got no right to suspend my child.”

I remember growing up and begging my teacher and principal — everyone —  not to call my parents. Y’all know exactly what I’m talking about. If I had conducted myself in such a manner that Buck and Snooks West had to come to school, doggone, life was gonna be hell for me.

They saw it clearly; I had embarrassed them … so guess what, I didn’t.

As my Dad would say, “fear’s a motivator,” and I feared my parents — but it was a fear born out of respect, not paranoia.

So, here we are today; these kids don’t fear adults, and they certainly don’t respect adults. It’s all thanks to the whole insidious Dr. Spock theory. No, not Star Trek — I’m referring to the chucklehead who convinced us (well, some of y’all) that we had to be our child’s friend.

I told Aubrey and Austen, simply, I’m a benevolent dictator, and they exist based upon my love, but also my standards.

There’ll be more and more instances of teachers being submitted to abuse from students. Doggone, we’ve even allowed some students to believe that they don’t have to respect our rule of law. According to Nancy Pelosi, illegal immigrant parents should be applauded.

Herein lies the problem — adults who don’t demand respect and regard. That must change, and soon!

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