WHAT?! Chelsea Handler stands up for … Kim Jung Un?

Another comedian has decided to shove her foot deep in her mouth after attempting to stuff a whole lot of funny into a teeny, tiny 140 characters — and failing miserably.

Chelsea Handler took to Twitter, where she slammed President Trump, saying she wanted to trade Trump for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Apparently, she learned nothing from Kathy Griffin.

According to Daily Wire,

On Thursday night, left-wing comedian and host Chelsea Handler asked if we can trade democratically elected President Donald Trump for murderous North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un.

Yes, in the age of Trump, sanity is a thing of the past on the Left.

Handler wrote via Twitter that Kim’s letter to President Trump “is a bit more sane” than Trump. “Maybe we trade?”

Has her brain been replaced by a bag of cats or something?

What on this earth would possess her to say something so horrid? It’s all fine and well to criticize Trump and his policy positions, but this is just awful.

To give you a taste of just how bad her statement is, here’s a list of the despicable actions that Kim Jong Un has perpetrated during his time as leader of North Korea.

People in prison camps were starved to death, then had their bodies burned and disposed of, usually by other prisoners. These and other acts drew comparisons to the war crimes committed by the Nazis in World War II. (New York Daily News)

One former prisoner mentioned a time he was so hungry that he found, and ate, kernels of corn he found in cow dung. (National Post)

In areas where winter temperatures can drop as low as -40º, prisoners were forced to sleep in cramped quarters with no heat or blankets. (National Post)

Children are tortured from the age of 13. (National Post)

Torture devices are frequently used on prisoners. People are hung upside-down by their feet, from the ceiling, for multiple days at a time. Teeth are broken. (National Post)

Mothers were forced to drown their own babies. (Daily Mail)

This is who she wants to trade Donald Trump for? Really?

Have there been any news reports about the president committing acts of genocide or murdering people? No? Consider the case put to bed.

Here’s Allie Stuckey, a contributing host of TheBlaze, tearing into Handler for her tweet.


Chelsea Handler provides another compelling reason for comedians to drop social media accounts before it’s too late. After all, they might just implode.

Just ask Kathy Griffin.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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