NY Times BURIES crucial details about London bombers; guess which…

If you aren’t aware of the horrific bias that exists in the modern mainstream media by now, the latest stunt by the New York Times should be very illuminating.

Apparently, this once former legendary journalistic outlet has decided to further sell their souls up river to the cultural “god” of political correctness by leaving out several key details involving the identities of the recent London terrorists.

Journalistic integrity seems to be a thing of the past.

Reports from The Daily Wire say, The New York Times hid several key details about the identities of the alleged London bombers in a new report, including their nationalities, refugee status, and their connection to Islamic terrorism.

Instead of mentioning the ties that the suspects have to Islamic terrorism, The New York Times reported that authorities were trying to determine “the events leading up to the bombing” to determine if it was “influenced by extremists” – even though ISIS already claimed responsibility for the attack.

Nowhere in the 11-paragraph report does The Times mention that the first two men arrested on Saturday, ages 18 and 21, were refugees.

In fact, The Times buried the nationalities of both men in the eighth paragraph of the report:

An 18-year-old Iraqi orphan who had a reputation for getting into fights and had been in the foster care of a retired couple, and a 21-year-old from Syria who had escaped the civil war there and was working at a fried-chicken shop.

A troubling note from the report is how The Times portrayed the two suspects. Portraying one suspect as a troubled “orphan” who was in “foster care” while portraying the other suspect as a lowly Syrian who “escaped war” makes it seem like the suspects are the victims.

Other news outlets reported the 25-year-old suspect’s ties to radical Islam, while the New York Times opted to avoid going that route, obviously for the sake of political correctness and not making all Muslims look evil.

We stand absolutely no chance of being able to dismantle terrorist groups and combat their ideology, which continues to spread and recruit new people to their cause, unless we acknowledge that it is indeed the problem to begin with.

Political correctness is opening our nation up for future attacks and if we don’t get a little common sense soon and start holding these folks and their ideas accountable, we’ll have another 9/11 on our hands.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]


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