North Korean escapee tells of life under Kim Jong Un and it’s worse than we thought

The plight of North Korean citizens — under its former ‘Supreme Leader’ Kim Jong-il, and now his successor/son Kim Jong Un — has been known for decades. Kim Jong-il ascended to the position of Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) — also known as North Korea — in 1994 and the people have been feeling the pain ever since.

Thousands — and, by some estimates, many more than that — starve to death in North Korea each year. The infant mortality rate is reported to be as high as sixty percent. People there are subsisting on grass, twigs, branches, and muddy pond water. Literally. This picture of the Korean Peninsula at night — circling the internet for years — tells the story.

The nation of South Korea which has for decades been a capitalist economy, has cities, lights, restaurants, shopping malls, a first-world standard of living. To its north, there’s but one center of light, the capital city of Pyongyang where the aristocracy lives. Everyone else is in the dark all night long.

Fox News is running the fascinating story of Hee Yeon Lim, one of the rare escapees from North Korea, who managed to get out of Pyongyang in 2015, and now is opening the eyes of the rest of the world by giving first hand accounts of the things she’s seen. It’s not pretty.

[Warning: graphic descriptions follow]

“Kim Jong Un’s officials plucked teenage girls from North Korean schools to serve as the leader’s sex slaves, indulged in a gluttonous lifestyle while his people starved and ordered public executions that turned into horrific shows of violence, a North Korean defector revealed.

Hee Yeon Lim, 26, who fled Pyongyang in 2015 and now lives in Seoul, told The Mirror about the years she spent living in constant fear of Kim Jong Un since the ruthless dictator took control of North Korea in 2011.

“Despite our privilege we were scared. I saw terrible things in Pyongyang,” Hee Yeon said.

Female prisoners in North Korean camps raped and executed, their babies fed to dogs, report says.

In one heinous example, she recalled standing in a crowd of 10,000 people assembled to watch the execution of 11 musicians who allegedly made a pornographic video. Security guards ordered the viewers to leave their classes and stand in a stadium around the men, who were tied up and gagged.

“What I saw that day made me sick in my stomach. They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns,” she said. “A gun was fired, the noise was deafening, absolutely terrifying. And the guns were fired one after the other.”

She added: “The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired into them. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere…and then, after that, military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay.”

Hee Yeon remembered seeing the remains “smashed…into the ground until there was nothing left.” She said the gruesome scene haunted her and took away her appetite for three days.

A report, released by The Transnational Justice Working Group in Seoul in July, also stated the regime’s firing squad carried out public executions in school yards, bridges and sports stadiums.

But that was just the tip of the insanity Hee Yeon said she witnessed. She said no one was immune to the young leader’s vicious whims, and anyone could be executed if they were suspected of disloyalty.

North Korean firing squad carries out public executions in school yards, report says.

“I was brought up [and] told he was like a god –- that he was as a young boy an expert sailor, marksman before the age of seven, god-like,” she said. “Then I met him at big events, I found him terrifying, really scary, nothing god-like about him.”

Hee Yeon also said “the prettiest” schoolgirls were taken away to work in one of Kim’s “hundreds of homes around Pyongyang.”

“They learn to serve him food like caviar and extremely rare delicacies. They are also taught how to massage him and they become sex slaves,” she said. “Yes, they have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear.”

And as the rest of North Korea suffered from poverty and food shortages, Kim was reportedly indulging in $2,700 “bird’s nest soup,” caviar and other imported dishes.

“One of my friends went to work at one of his hundreds of homes in Pyongyang and she told me this was what he liked,” Hee Yeon told The Mirror.”

Owning hundreds of homes, and dining on caviar, while his people eat weeds and insects. History is littered with the tales of monsters like Kim Jong Un. Hopefully soon his tale will be added to history’s trash heap.

Photo Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on on Facebook and at]


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