CNN claims about Trump just got more BIZARRE than ever

When President Trump took the stage to make his first speech in front of the United Nations, you knew the biased, mainstream media was just waiting to rip Trump’s words apart. Sadly for Trump, it will never matter what he says or how correct he is; the overwhelmingly negative coverage will not get any better.

After all, saying that socialism has been a failed idea shouldn’t really be a controversial statement, yet multiple media outlets blasted Trump for saying just that.

As if being hammered for taking on socialism wasn’t enough, one CNN anchor blasted Trump for an even less controversial statement. According to CNN chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto, Trump’s references to “sovereignty” was a “loaded term”.

From the Daily Caller:

CNN chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto said that President Trump’s emphasis on national sovereignty in his speech to the United Nations on Tuesday was a “loaded term” and compared Trump’s use of the term to the rhetoric of foreign dictators.

“This idea of sovereignty, that’s a loaded term,” Sciutto, who worked in the Obama administration before joining CNN, said Tuesday night

Sciutto went on to compare Trump to authoritarian regimes in China and Russia:

“This is a favorite expression of authoritarian leaders from China to Russia to African dictatorships. ‘We all have different values, don’t preach to me about human rights,’ you’ve often heard that kind of rhetoric pushing back and America saying democracy, open society is the only way forward,” Sciotto continued.

Of course, it’s not exactly surprising that the liberals over at CNN take issue with the idea of sovereignty. After all, these are the same people that don’t think the United States has a right to enforce its own immigration laws. Nevertheless, Sciutto’s attempt to tie sovereignty to authoritarianism is a pretty big stretch. Far from it being a “loaded term,” the idea of national sovereignty is a widely agreed upon principle of international law.

In all, the media’s reaction to Trump’s speech was predictable. Despite the fact that it was well received by many of our most important allies, the American media will never give this president a fair shake. Sadly for them, most of us are no longer listening.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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