Trump’s UN speech was solid, but there’s ONE thing he said that bothers me…

Today President Trump delivered his first address before the United Nations General Assembly. As I posted on my Facebook page, I thought it was very good. But I’m an objective analyst, and something he said yesterday really bothered me.

What I need to present to y’all is based on comments from President Trump yesterday. Namely when President Trump sat with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations in his public remarks. It was there that President Trump asserted he wanted peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Arabs referring to themselves as “Palestinians”…Palestine is a region, and a city in Texas, but not the approved designation of a certain people. President Trump mistakenly stated that the “Palestinians” also wanted peace…yes, he was mistaken, because this is what they REALLY want.

As reported by Palestinian Media Watch, “Fatah and Hamas announced yesterday that they are moving ahead towards Palestinian reconciliation and possible national elections. While the international community is waiting to see the final terms of a Palestinian unity agreement, the fundamental messages of non-recognition of Israel and support for the use of terror against Israel are principles that Fatah and Hamas already agree upon. 

Speaking last month on Fatah-run Awdah TV, Fatah spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi forcefully told Hamas that it should not recognize Israel, since Fatah itself does not recognize and will never recognize Israel. It should be noted, that Mahmoud Abbas the chairman of the Palestinian Authority is also the chairman of Fatah and the PLO.

The Palestinian leadership employs double messages depending on who it is speaking to. Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Fatah regularly reminds Palestinians that it does not recognize Israel’s existence or right to exist. Fatah and the PA regularly teach Palestinian children to see all Israeli cities such as Jaffa and Haifa as “occupied” Palestinian cities that will eventually be under Palestinian sovereignty. When speaking to the international community, however, Abbas focuses not on Fatah’s non-recognition of Israel but on the PLO’s one letter of recognition of Israel, written in 1993. 

For years, Mahmoud Abbas has been seeking a unity agreement with Hamas. Already in 2009, Palestinian Media Watch documented that Abbas turned to Hamas on PA TV and demanded that they join in a unity government because according to Abbas, Hamas and Fatah agree on all important issues…”

I just have to ask a simple question: who is it that allows President Trump to say statements that are not correct? And if Fatah, a stealth Islamic terrorist organization, is seeking unity with Hamas, a declared violent Islamic terrorist organization…then no, they do not want any semblance of peace with Israel. I guess with all that tough talk and that scowl, I truly expected more from President Trump. I thought we finally did have a U.S. president who would put the pressure on Abbas and Fatah — after all, we were supposed to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s indisputable capitol, Jerusalem. And how did Abbas react to that proclamation by then candidate Trump? The only way they know how, with threats of violence.

It’s time we stop existing under severe delusions when it comes to engaging and understanding the raison d’être of these Islamic jihadists. It’s time we stop promoting policies acquiesce and submit to their violence, their terrorism. Hamas and Fatah may have two different names, but their intentions, their goals and objectives are equal. Their approaches may appear different, but they are not. The fact that Fatah is displaying a double face should lead us to see them no differently than Hamas, who openly declares their desire. And remember, Hamas is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, therefore Fatah is seeking closer relations with the MB.

What we need is to cease funding to Fatah. We need to expel the PLO from the diplomatic mission provided to them by the Obama administration. We must see all Islamic jihadist groups as the same…along with their state sponsors. Have y’all noticed that Qatar is running commercials here in the United States asking for U.S. support to lift the boycott against them? Ahh, just gotta love it when a hit dog hollers…when the Qatari’s start killing some Islamic jihadists and stop funding their exploits — and that means closing down Al Jazeera — then we can talk.

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