Mr. President, here’s what I’d tell the United Nations if I were you

This week, on Tuesday, President Trump will deliver his first address to the United Nations General Assembly. Some may say this address will not help, but it could certainly hurt. Those holding that belief are gravely wrong; there’s are positive things that could result from his speech.

First, however, President Trump needs to understand who his audience is; this address isn’t being given for the benefit of the American people nor his “base.” This is an address that must resonate across the globe and express a profound understanding that the United States of America will not be embracing a philosophy of strategic patience, leading from behind or acquiescing to any global entity.

For the past eight years, the position of the United States on the global stage has been one of subservience — withdrawal from the pressing and degraded security conditions that have become a clear and present danger in the world.

So, if I were preparing President Trump’s speech, here are the key points I would make:

1. Challenge the United Nations’ effectiveness as a global security alliance, stressing the fact that not all nations are, or should be, equal. It’s imperative that President Trump stands up in defense of the principles of western civilization — individual liberty, freedom and the rule of law. President Trump must ask the member nations of the U.N. and its leadership one simple question: What constitutes a threat to global security? This is where President Trump needs to force the United Nations to face their incessant condemnation of our best ally, Israel. This is where President Trump must force the U.N. to withdraw from their progressive agenda — certainly, he must call them out on how they’re allowing real threats to proliferate with little to no serious enforcement.

2. President Trump must make the case against North Korea, reminding everyone that it was not the United States, but rather the United Nations, that responded to the military invasion of North Korea in 1950 — that firing a missile over a sovereign nation is an act of war, not of peace. He must look at the North Korean delegation sitting there in the general assembly hall and ask a simple question: Why hasn’t North Korea been expelled, and why are the representatives of this deadly, rogue regime allowed to sit in this hall, defaming it with their presence? The challenge must be put to the United Nations: Take action against North Korea and Kim Jong Un. After all, this global alliance was created in the aftermath of World War II, and its first test was against that very nation.

3. President Trump must also discuss the threat posed by Iran, its expansionist agenda and its support of terrorism. He needs to look the Iranian delegation in the eye and affirm that he’ll vacate the Iranian nuclear agreement because they haven’t lived up to their responsibilities … and he should list their top violations. President Trump must draw the lines of collusion between Iran and North Korea for everyone to see and easily understand. And then he needs to hammer away at Iranian support of militant Islamic terrorism, mainly its backing of Hezbollah, which is openly operating in Syria.

4. President Trump must stare down Russia and talk about its belligerent invasion and annexation of Crimea, overrunning eastern Ukraine and threatening the Baltic States. He must emphasize the Russian cooperation with Bashar Assad in Syria in committing human rights violations. And he must express the irony of the constant condemnation of Israel and not that of Russia. Also, President Trump must address China’s military expansionism, which includes their construction of man-made islands — funny, I haven’t heard complaints from the environmentalists — and fortifying them with military weaponry, namely surface-to-ship missiles. And here, President Trump must remind the audience that these two members of the U.N. Security Council support North Korea and Iran; let’s not forget that the missile erector platforms that the North Koreans are using are Chinese-made.

5. Condemn the United Nations for not recognizing the most brutal, savage and barbaric threat we face in the world: the global Islamic jihad. It’s time the United Nations stops siding with the nomadic Arabs calling themselves Palestinians. Here, President Trump could deliver a short lesson on the evolution of the word “Palaestinia.” He can also remind the United Nations of their commitment to the creation of the modern-day state of Israel; that Israel has long been a part of world history — long before the United Nations and many nations now sitting in the U.N. General Assembly hall. President Trump needs to challenge the United Nations by listing the growing number of Islamic terrorist groups and ask the U.N., where have you been? He needs to confront the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, asking them, where they have been? He also needs to ensure that the U.N. knows that he doesn’t support the U.N. Resolution 16/18, as offered by the OIC. Lastly, President Trump MUST announce that he will be signing an executive order declaring the Muslim Brotherhood an Islamic terrorist organization, and demand other U.N. member nations do the same.

President Trump must stay on message and script. He needs to stick to his prepared speech — no venturing off. He must realize that this will be a stoic group; he shouldn’t expect applause, adoration or cheering. He shouldn’t pause and create awkward moments of silence — unless he’s doing as Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu has been able to do: deliver “the stare.”

President Trump must make it clearly known that America is back as a leader, not a follower, and that we will not await action when evil presents itself. This speech cannot be about winning friends, but rather laying down a marker — namely, that America is a committed, resolute and willing partner for a lasting peace; a peace that, if necessary, we will win through strength.

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