Once again, John McCain does the INDEFENSIBLE

If there’s one thing that’s frustrating about the GOP, it’s the simple fact that they don’t stand up for principle. I’ve never seen a collection of individuals who will acquiesce and surrender because they’re so concerned about what the progressive, socialist left believes or is saying about them.

The GOP asked for the House, the Senate and the White House … and all three have been given to them by the voters. And yet they can’t seem to separate themselves from the agenda of the liberal progressive left.

If there’s one area in which they could easily stand out from the Democrats, it’s our military affairs … but maybe not.

As reported by CNS News,

Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain (R.-Ariz.) is co-sponsoring legislation with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D.-N.Y.), Sen. Susan Collins (R.-Maine) and Sen. Jack Reed (D.-R.I.) to prevent the U.S. military from removing transgenders from the service or preventing them from re-enlisting. Transgenders are people who are genetically one sex but say they identify as the other sex. 

Gillibrand put out a press release on Friday announcing the legislation after giving a speech on the Senate floor on Thursday in which she expressed her gratitude to McCain for joining her on the issue. The bill, Gillibrand’s press release explained, “would protect transgender service members by preventing the Department of Defense from removing currently serving members of the Armed Forces based solely on their gender identity. Transgender troops have been openly serving in the military since June 2016.” 

Gillibrand’s release included a quote from co-sponsor McCain explaining this support for the move. “When less than one percent of Americans are volunteering to join the military, we should welcome all those who are willing and able to serve our country,” said McCain. “Any member of the military who meets the medical and readiness standards should be allowed to serve–including those who are transgender,” McCain said. “The Senate Armed Services Committee will review the results of the DOD study on accession and will continue to work closely with our military leaders on any policy changes as we conduct oversight on this important issue.”

This is unconscionable, and if this legislation proposed by Senator Gillibrand ends up making it into the National Defense Authorization Act, and is passed by a GOP-controlled House and Senate, shame on them.

First of all, let’s call this for what it is: a mental condition called gender dysphoria. This designation is not my own, but that of certified medical and psychiatric professionals. And why Senator McCain, at a time when our military is suffering from such a decimated state of readiness, would consider it vital to let individuals serve who ail and require tens of thousands of dollars in counseling, psychiatric, hormonal therapies, and gender reassignment surgeries, is beyond me.

This is not the mission of our military. As I have written, our military is a discriminatory organization because its mission is not about social egalitarianism, but rather fighting and winning our combat engagements — protecting the American people.

Let’s ask ourselves a simple question: Why did we gain a GOP majority in the House and Senate, and win the White House, if we were just going to keep failed Obama-era policies? If this is the GOP chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, then why not just have a leftist Democrat as chairman?

Senator McCain’s statement –“When less than one percent of Americans are volunteering to join the military, we should welcome all those who are willing and able to serve our country”–displays utter delusion and the embrace of the “participation trophy” mentality.

Our military should have the highest of standards. Heck, Senator McCain, I wanted to fly helicopters; should we just let anyone fly them, regardless of whether or not they meet all physical and mental standards? We put people out of the military for not being able to maintain a prescribed weight standard; should we just end that policy?

Instead of casting out the net, we should want a military that is trying to hook that special fish, one that’s a trophy catch.

I’m sorry, but the recent episode with Bradley Manning, who know says he’s not a traitor, is evidence enough that our military doesn’t need the burden of dealing with people who are confused if they’re a boy or girl. If said gender dysphoria, or confusion, was reason for Manning to unlawfully share over 700,000 pieces of classified information while assigned in a combat zone, we can do without this.

If said gender dysphoria, or confusion, was the reason why Manning was granted special consideration and had his sentence commuted, no, we can do without this. We don’t need anyone using their confusion as a fallback excuse as to why they betrayed their nation.

Why do we have GOP Senators who can’t find the courage to say that this mental condition is incompatible with service in our military? That it’s disruptive and is not in keeping with the good order and discipline of our Armed Services?

Why are these GOP Senators looking at the American taxpayer and telling them they’ll have to foot the bill for someone’s personal decision? What comes next? Black soldiers self-identifying as white? White Marines self-identifying as Asian?

This reminds me of watching a dog try to chase its own tail, expending a lot of energy and never achieving the desired result. Our military is not a happy land where everyone gets to play. We want tough standards and we want young American men and women — notice what I said — who volunteer knowing full-well the standards required.

We’re heading down a very dangerous road when we’re trying to align the military with societal definitions of acceptable individual behavior.

If you’re born a boy but want to be a girl, fine; that’s your individual decision, your pursuit of happiness. But whatever your decision, gender dysphoria is not something our military needs. And I’m of the belief that we need fewer GOP elected officials who are just liberal progressives and embrace the ideology of the left; namely, social egalitarianism.

GOP Senators McCain and Collins: You’re both very, very wrong on this issue.

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