Watch: “Comic” Chelsea Handler’s slur about David Clarke will make you SICK…

If there’s one thing liberals have made abundantly clear in recent years, it’s that disagreeing with them is an unforgivable sin. Debating the ideas is no longer necessary, while adhering to leftist orthodoxy has become the requirement. If you dare to stray away from the laws of acceptable thought, a leftist mob will be there to attempt to ruin your life.

As conservatives, we’ve gotten pretty used to being labeled everything under the sun. We hate the poor, are warmongers, and of course… we’re a bunch of bigots too. Only liberals – it seems – can be champions of social justice. If you don’t support liberal policies, then you must be filled with hate for people who don’t look like you.

However, what happens when a member of one of the “oppressed” classes doesn’t see themselves as a victim? How do liberals handle disagreements with those they claim to defend? Sadly, the left becomes even more vicious towards minorities when minorities don’t adhere to acceptable liberal thought.

For proof, look no further than the left’s treatment of prominent conservative women. During the 2008 election, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was relentlessly mocked in the media. Instead of being celebrated for being the first woman to successfully lead a presidential campaign, Kellyanne Conway was given the same treatment. Perhaps even worse, liberals have continuously smeared Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Of course, African-Americans are not spared by the liberal mob either. Prominent black conservatives like Tim Scott, Herman Cain, and our very own Allen B. West are often labeled “Uncle Toms” for having the audacity to disagree with a liberal politics. However, what smug liberal comedian Chelsea Handler recently labeled Ben Carson and other prominent black conservatives may have reached a new low.

From the Daily Wire:

On Friday’s episode of Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talkshow, the comedian took to categorizing all the different kinds of racists. Near the end of the racism segment, she spoke about “black white supremacists.”

And the most confusing group of racists are black white supremacists – not to be confused with white black supremacist, like Rachel Dolezal. Black white supremacists are black people who think white people are better than them. They include Stacey Dash, Ben Carson, and this guy, Sheriff Clarke – he’s the only sheriff in the country who pulls himself over for no reason.


Despite claiming to be the champions of diversity, liberals have proven time and time again that they will not tolerate diversity of thought. They believe minorities have rights, just not the right to disagree with them. If an African-American expresses conservative views, the only explanation is that they are also a “white supremacist.”

This reasoning is as offensive as it is wrong. Having grown up in Detroit, Ben Carson saw the failure of Democratic policies first hand. David Clarke spent his career dealing with black on black crime in the streets. He’s had to deal with the damaging effects of liberal policies which have decimated black households and communities. Yet instead of debating these men on the merits of their ideas, liberals like Handler have decided to smear their character. If anything, it proves they know their ideas don’t work.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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