As California votes to become sanctuary state, residents TRAGICALLY find out what that means

Illegal immigration has just cost the life of yet another American, a death that could have been easily prevented if not for the aiding and abetting of this murder by the “sanctuary state” of California.

Erick Garcia-Pineda, an 18-year-old illegal in San Francisco, the same city which suffered the murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal with a stolen police gun only two years ago, managed to also steal a police gun. And, on August 11, he, with two other men, began looking for robbery victims.

The unfortunate target of their quest became 23-year-old community volunteer Abel Esquive. Mr. Esquive died during the robbery, believed to be shot by Mr. Garcia-Pineda.

Tragically, and frustratingly, Mr. Garcia-Pineda was only just recently in police custody. In fact, federal agents were tracking him for deportation when the murder occurred. Too bad they’d let him go.

As reported by The Sacremento Bee:

Authorities say Garcia-Pineda had been detained by immigration authorities in December and released from custody in April pending deportation. In addition to wearing the ankle monitor, the judge required him to routinely check in with immigration officials.

He failed to show up for his August appointment, said James Schwab, a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE said a contractor received a tamper alert on Aug. 19 but authorities couldn’t find him. ICE told the man’s attorney that his client should report to them immediately.

However, Mr. Garcia-Pineda found no compelling reason to respond to ICE’s command to his attorney, as the San Francisco sheriff’s department had already done everything within its power to ensure he would be allowed to freely roam California’s streets unburdened with having to obey American laws.

The sheriff’s department says Garcia-Pineda was wearing the ankle bracelet when he was arrested on Sept. 3 on misdemeanor battery charges and deputies removed it. ICE says the Sheriff’s Department ignored a request to block his release from jail that day.

One does not want an illegal encumbered by having to wear an ankle monitor, apparently.

Meanwhile, California’s march towards officially becoming a sanctuary state continues.

As reported by

Lawmakers in California on Saturday passed “sanctuary state” legislation even as President Trump and his administration have vowed to crack down on jurisdictions that do not cooperate with federal immigration agents.

The bill approved early Saturday limits police cooperation with federal immigration authorities and is intended to bolster protections for illegal immigrants in the state.

This news from the California Senate will be sad for many of us, as it continues to devalue our American citizenship and attracts many of the worse elements from nations around the globe.

But for people like Erick Garcia-Pineda, this is very welcome news indeed.

[Note: This post was written by dk. Find him online at the African American Conservatives (AACONS) website or AACONS on Twitter and Facebook]

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