WATCH: St. Louis reporter gets SURPRISE from Black Lives Matter during protest

It’s been three years since the brouhaha in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri erupted after Michael Brown, was shot by a white police officer in self defense. [EDITOR’S NOTE: the original version of this article has been revised to clearly state the officer fired in self defense]. The riots, looting and incitement to violence that ensued shortly after the shooting in Ferguson was unprecedented. Despite relative peace between the white and black communities, St. Louis, Missouri once again is back in the spotlight and ground zero for racial division.

The city has once again erupted after a federal judge found Jason Stockley, a white police officer, not guilty in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, a black youth. Never mind that the judge, Timothy Wilson, has ruled both for and against police in his 28 years on the bench, and has a reputation for fair-mindedness.

To Black Lives Matter, all that matters is a white man is set free after a black man died. Here’s what Deray McKesson, one of BLM’s leaders had to say…

Protests turned ugly fairly quickly, unfortunately, and one reporter was surrounded by angry activists simply for doing his job.

Per BizPac Review, Dan Gray, a local news reporter in St. Louis, Missouri, saw his life flash before his eyes when an angry mob of Black Lives Matter thugs surrounded him on Friday afternoon.

“Scariest moment in my career,” Gray recounted on Twitter. “Protesters upset about not-guilty verdict for an officer accused of killing a suspect, turn on me and media.”

Gray later told Fox 2 he was hit by three water bottles, including one hurled at the back of his head.

“You know you shouldn’t be over here!” one angry man yelled at Gray. “You should get your ass back where you belong! Get ‘yo ass away! Get the f-ck out of our movement!”

You can see the terrifying exchange here:

There’s not much to add really. None of this is helping. None of this behavior will change a damn thing. Perhaps it’s best to leave with this post…

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