Students get jaw-dropping blowback over THIS patriotic cheer

If there’s one thing our current political climate is making abundantly clear, it’s that patriotism is greatly in danger of going the way of the dodo unless we counter the assault on this important, God-given right.

One of the latest attacks on the First Amendment comes from a school in California that recently decided to chastise some patriotic students for expressing their love of country. Apparently, when students started changing “USA!” during a recent game, it made administrators fearful the phrase could offend someone.

So the principal sends out an email outlining when the “appropriate” time to show love for your country is.

CBS Sacramento reports:

It’s a popular way to for students to show pride during sporting events and rallies, but school and district officials are now warning students that the chants could appear inappropriate and intolerant.

The school’s principal sent out an email to families Wednesday and relayed the same message to students over the school’s P.A. system, clarifying any confusion. She told students and parents that sometimes “we can communicate an unintended message.” She also said USA chanting is welcome, but it may be best to do it at what she says are appropriate times, like following the national anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance.

School officials worry the chants could come across as intolerant and offensive to some, but parents see it differently, as an expression of pride and acceptance.

Mother Natalie Woodbury said, “I want to chant USA because I want us to pull together and help, not because I want anybody to feel left out or not a part of our country. ”

It isn’t so much the fact she wants to reserve the chanting for right after the National Anthem; it’s that she wants to do so because she’s afraid displaying love for one’s country is offensive to others.

If someone is living in this nation, enjoying the benefits of liberty, and yet gets offended by open displays of patriotism, perhaps they ought to go live somewhere that makes them proud.

Why should the majority cater to the minority’s “feelings”? It just doesn’t make logical sense.

What’s wrong with being offended, anyway? It’s not like being offended will kill you.

Hopefully, common sense will once again be restored in this school, and students and parents will continue to do what they feel is right. For their part, students say there’s likely to be a lot of chanting at tonight’s football game.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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