One conservative pundit is BEYOND ready to face down Berkeley’s radical protesters — and here’s why

You’ve got to hand it to Milo Yiannopoulos; the conservative pundit and sometime-provocateur doesn’t give up easily.

After his scheduled appearance at that bastion of free-speech, the University of California at Berkeley, was cancelled due to threats, rioting, arson and general hooliganism by anti-free speech “anti-fascists,” one might have thought the final chapter of the saga had been written.

But no; Milo’s not having any of it. Earlier this week, Yiannopoulos announced plans to stage a four-day “Free Speech Extravaganza” to be held right in the belly of the beast — back at Berkeley from September 24-27.

Milo seems to be a subscriber to the “if a horse throws you get right back in the saddle” school of handling things.

Predictably, the Extravaganza has been met with some controversy — but this time around, Milo isn’t playing. He has announced plans to bring a 16-man Navy Seal team to the site as part of his security detail!

You know, the guys who took down bin Laden? The guys who are (rightfully) depicted in countless motion pictures as the ultimate bad asses? Those guys.

Campus Reform reports:

Milo Yiannopoulos pledged that “nothing will deter” the organizers from hosting the “Free Speech Week” at the University of California, Berkeley later this month.

In a statement posted to Facebook Wednesday, Yiannopoulos criticized UC Berkeley Assistant Vice Chancellor Dan Mogulof for “spreading rumors that Free Speech Week might be canceled.”

“Ignore him, it’s fake news,” Yiannopoulos wrote. “Ironically, Berkeley is fighting Free Speech Week the same way they fought against Mario Savio’s Free Speech Movement in the 60’s—by spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt.”

Mogulof told Politico Tuesday that the student group Berkeley Patriot “still has not completed the critical steps” required for arranging the “Free Speech Week” on campus, putting the entire event in jeopardy.

“Mogulof has a long history of hostility, leaks, and lies when it comes to conservative speakers,” Yiannopoulos alleged. “His efforts will not be successful, and Berkeley Free Speech Week will [be] a fabulous, and peaceful, celebration of free speech including more than 20 speakers from diverse viewpoints.”

In a statement to Campus Reform, Yiannopoulos further blasted the reports of possible cancellation, calling Mogulof’s comments “balderdash and piffle.”

Following his August pledge to spend “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on security at the event, Yiannopoulos also revealed that he is bringing a Navy SEAL team to assist with protecting the speakers.

“Our efforts are moving ahead at full speed to put together the best free speech event Berkeley has ever seen,” he said. “I am sparing no expense, including a 16-man Navy SEAL security detail for me and our speakers.”

“UC Berkeley has claimed that this will be a year of free speech, but they’ve quickly gone back to their old tricks,” Yiannopoulos observed. “They seem committed to the course of excluding speakers who don’t share their progressive authoritarian mindset from campus. It won’t fly, there is too much at stake for America, and too many eyes on both the university administration and the city of Berkeley.”

Yiannopoulos concluded his statement by pledging that the upcoming event “will go on no matter what Berkeley says,” adding, “Nothing will deter us. We will not yield.”

Sounds like stuff just got real! Sadly, we’ve reached a place where free speech is somehow controversial, but then again, this is Berkeley, where all points of view are welcomed as long as the liberals agree with them or they’re expressed while standing behind some of the baddest men on the planet — men who can snap necks if anyone gets out of line.

Now that’s freedom.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebook and at]

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