[WATCH] Hillary confronted at book signing by conservative activist; things go DOWNHILL fast

Hillary Clinton is back on the road for her book tour, and while everyone can’t afford the $2,000 VIP tickets for sale, plenty of people were more than willing to shell out $30 for an ordinary ticket to see the failed presidential candidate. You have to admit, $30 a ticket is generous for a women used to giving $600,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Conservative activist Laura Loomer was among those who saw her speak in Manhattan yesterday, and stopped by to get her copy of “What Happened?” signed by Hillary herself. Things quickly got awkward, as you can glean from the transcript of what happened.

LAURA LOOMER: Hi, it’s so great to see you.

HILLARY CLINTON: Well it’s great for you to be here.

LOOMER: Thanks for having me.

[Clinton raises head]

CLINTON: Thank you for coming.

LOOMER: Thanks for having me.


LOOMER: So the American people would really like to know what happened to your 33,000 emails?

[Clinton laughs]

LOOMER: What happened in Benghazi?

CLINTON: Go read the book.

LOOMER: What happened to the millions of dollars that was supposed to go to the people in Haiti?

CLINTON: You know what I’m so sorry you believe things that are untrue.

LOOMER: What happened to Seth Rich?

What happened to your health, Hillary?

[Loomer pushed out of the way]

[Loomer runs into Huma Abedin]

LOOMER TO ABEDIN: Huma! It’s so great to see you. I have a question for you. When are you going to divorce your husband (Anthony Weiner) for texting underage girls?

MAN: We’re going to need for you to step out of here.

LOOMER: I need my book. I paid for my book.

MAN: Step out of here. Thank you, ma’am.


Watch the epic and slightly uncomfortable clip below:

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]



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