Violent protesters in Berkeley just got BAD news: police now allowed to…

Ever since the tragic, violent protests at Charlottesville, Virginia between white nationalists and radical leftists, things have been tense all across the country.

Protesters from radical groups like Antifa have assaulted people physically at free speech rallies and have even gone so far as to throw objects at police officers, though it seems they’ve managed to participate in this egregious behavior with no consequences.

Well, that’s coming to an end in Berkeley, California where the city council just voted to allow police to pepper spray protesters who become violent.

According to The Hill, The city council in Berkeley, Calif. on Tuesday voted to let police use pepper spray on protesters who become violent.

The decision gives police the option to use pepper spray to prevent attacks on themselves and others, according to The Associated Press.

Police are still barred from using pepper spray as a “crowd control technique to disperse a crowd or move a crowd,” the council motion says, the news service reported.

“Police may use pepper spray upon specific individuals within a crowd who are committing acts of violence upon police or others,” the motion said.

Police in the city have been barred from using pepper spray to control crowds since 1997, Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said. He argued that pepper spray is a better option than other methods that have been used to control violent crowds, such as batons or tear gas.

This vote came ahead of a speech that is due to be given on campus later this week by conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro.

Later in the month, a “Free Speech Week” is due to be held with controversial speakers Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Ann Coulter.

In other words, police officers are going to be getting a whole lot of practice with that pepper spray because no one will trigger the delicate snowflakes of the left quite like this particular group of people.

Let’s hope and pray that both protesters — which are guaranteed to be there — and police are able to be peaceable and use the proper level of restraint so as not to allow the event to spiral down into violence.

The last thing our nation needs is another Charlottesville right now.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]


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