[VIDEO] Round 2 of the Hillary – Lauer feud plays out on live TV

Clinton Lauer Today Show

Well, it certainly wasn’t as anticipated as the Mayweather-McGregor fight, but clearly many eagerly awaited the moment Matt Lauer would have a chance to respond to Hillary’s charges against him in her book What Happened.

Many might remember that briefly during the 2016 presidential campaign, Matt Lauer forgot that his role as a member of the mainstream media was to promote the Clinton candidacy.

Hillary clearly remembered, referencing the interview in her new book, in which Lauer questioned her email controversy more aggressively than most — especially those involved in the Clinton campaign — expected.

She wrote:

Trump should have reported [Lauer’s] performance as an in-kind contribution. Later, there were rumors ginned up by fake news reports that I was so mad at him I stormed off stage, threw a tantrum, and shattered a water glass. While I didn’t do any of that, I can’t say I didn’t fantasize about shaking some sense into Lauer while I was out there…Later, I watched Lauer soft-pedal Trump’s interview.”

So it was a bit of fun to watch Hillary Clinton being interviewed again by Lauer on the Today show.

As reported by Fox News:

Matt Lauer did not shy away from confronting Hillary Clinton for blaming the “Today” co-host for his role in losing her the election.

Clinton called out Lauer in her new memoir for focusing too much her highly publicized email scandal at the presidential forum held at New York City’s U.S.S. Intrepid last September.

Lauer took the opportunity Wednesday to question Clinton about her claims when she appeared in her first live television interview since she lost the election.

“You criticized me pretty soundly in a few pages of this book,” Lauer told Clinton in the second half of her interview on the “Today” show.

He quizzed, “Did you make enough mistakes yourself to lose the election?”

Hillary’s response — which surprised no one — was “no”.

The exchange can be seen here:

Hillary-supporters — perhaps to kill time while waiting for their copy of her book to arrive at their doorstep — quickly took to Twitter to further cheer her on.

Hillary, in her interview with Lauer, confirmed that she believed “the media made an absurd circus out of the campaign.”

Perhaps Lauer’s greatest mistake was forgetting that it was his job to be a clown in that circus, and it was Mrs. Clinton’s role to be the ringmaster.

[Note: This post was written by dk. Find him online at the African American Conservatives (AACONS) website or AACONS on Twitter and Facebook]


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