All the world’s a stage: What the UN must do now to contain the NoKo threat

LTC Allen B. West

I watched the UN Security Council vote to implement new sanctions against the obtuse and belligerent actions of North Korea on Monday. We have been here before as a world, the years were the 1930s. If the United Nations hopes to secure any viability as a collective security organization, it means the thwarting of Kim Jong Un and North Korea. Do I hold out any hope for such to happen…no. That is why a new collective security organization is needed, one based upon like governing principles.

As reported by Fox News:

North Korea will be feeling the pain of new United Nations sanctions targeting some of its biggest remaining foreign revenue streams. But the Security Council eased off the biggest target of all: the oil the North needs to stay alive, and to fuel its million-man military.

Though the United States had proposed a complete ban, the sanctions by the U.N. Security Council to punish North Korea for its sixth nuclear test cap Pyongyang’s annual imports of crude oil at the same level they have been for the past 12 months: an estimated 4 million barrels.

The import of refined petroleum products is also limited. Some experts, however, doubt the oil and fuel component on the sanctions will have much impact.

North Korea’s top envoy to a leading U.N. disarmament body says his country “categorically” rejects a U.N. Security Council resolution imposing new sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs.

Ambassador Han Tae Song also lashed out at the United States during a plenary session of the U.N.’s Conference on Disarmament, saying North Korea denounces Washington’s “evil intention” and would “make sure the U.S. pays a due price.”

First of all, if we are serious about thwarting North Korea, they should be expelled from the United Nations. It must be clear to Kim Jong Un that his actions are not consistent with that of the UN. I must ask, however, why was the most important sanction not allowed? If you do a close analysis of this new round of sanctions, you will see that this measure is severely watered down. And, as long as North Korea continues with their obtuse reactions, it has to be evident that the level of pain against them has not been felt.

And, that leads to the real problem: the level of pain must be increased on North Korea’s protector, China. As I have stated before, China is the crack house, while North Korea is the pit bull guarding it. We must put more economic pressure on China, who was behind the lessening of the sanctions, especially the energy-based measures.

Russia is complicit in this, as well. What we must convey to Russia and China is that if they fail to have a positive impact on North Korea, the possibility of a Korean unification not friendly to them heightens. I truly think Vladimir Putin would understand, knowing that his greatest disappointment of the 20th century was the collapse of the old Soviet Union. I am quite sure he can explain to Xi Jinping what German reunification meant for the Soviet Union.

But it is not just that aspect the UN must confront: it must also deal with Iranian collusion with North Korea. Sadly, President Barack Obama made Iran flush with cash, and has enabled them to crawl out of the despair and pain of the sanctions implemented against them. Recent intelligence reports reveal that which we have shared with y’all here, Iran is enabling North Korea’s nuclear program. And, thanks to the strategic patience and acquiescence of Obama, both Iran and North Korea are thriving in this area.

Also, just as a side, those missile launch platforms, erectors, are not made in North Korea, but rather, in China. North Korea has been at the nuclear weapons development quest for quite some time, but this incredible leap they have achieved is not of their own doing. The sharing of technology with Iran has been ongoing, and under the guise and abject support of Russia and China.

What is most troubling is the shared goals and objectives of North Korea and Iran. The recent firing of a missile that flew over mainland Japan holds a very clear and present danger. Once upon a time, when you talked about EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) you were laughed at, and disparaged as an alarmist. However, now, more people are attuned to this type of threat involving a thermo-nuclear explosion in the atmosphere that will fry every electrical output beneath it. Imagine if North Korea secretly matches a hydrogen bomb, like the one recently tested, or even a nuclear device, on top of their missile delivery system. The goal is not to fire it onto the terra firma of a Nation, but rather a high altitude explosion. The consequences are immense, the possibility is not far-fetched.

This very employment tactic was articulated in the Iranian national security strategy that was uncovered a few years ago, and translated. They specifically spoke of conducting an EMP attack. And, now, in collusion with North Korea, this goal is close to being a possibility.

Therefore, if we are going to take an action against North Korea, it must be to cut it off from any and all resource and technology support it receives. These UN sanctions will end up being more symbolic than anything.

Furthermore, it is dependent upon the actions of others to implement. If we are serious about the expulsion of North Korea from all international assemblies, along with Iran, it is a must. A complete blockade must be imposed using the collective maritime forces of the United States, Japan, South Korea, and others. If Russia and China don’t want to control their dog, then we will undermine them economically. There should be no airport in the world that allows a North Korean airplane to land. All North Korean employees working outside the Country should be expelled back to North Korea, along with all diplomatic missions closed. If North Korea, and Kim Jong Un, want to be a “hermit” Nation, then make them so…and any Country violating said isolating measures will suffer economic consequences.

If we want to evade military options, then we need to come down on Kim Jong Un like never before. The failure to do so back in the 1930s resulted in World War II…do we want to go there, again?

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