Security officers who survived Benghazi drop horrific TRUTH BOMB

Here lately it seems like Hillary Clinton is constantly in the news, which is due mostly to the fact her new book whining about the loss she suffered in the 2016 election is hitting shelves soon.

However, there’s one new morsel that could further devastate Clinton’s already marred and bloody legacy.

It comes via security officers who survived the Benghazi attack and claims they’re making about Hillary attempting to silence them.

The Washington Examiner is reporting, Security officers at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi claimed Tuesday that an employee who reported to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressured them to be quiet about the lack of adequate security just before the 2012 terror attack in Libya.

Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions employees Brad Owens and Jerry Torres told Fox News host Tucker Carlson Tuesday evening that they were told not to talk about the government scrambled to improve security at the compound just weeks before the attack.

They said the government hired a cut-rate security contractor called the Blue Mountain Group, which entered a bid that was 4 percent lower than the Torres bid.

“Blue Mountain U.K. is a teeny, tiny, little security company registered in Wales that had never had a diplomatic security contract, had never done any high threat contracts anywhere else in the world that we’ve been able to find, much less in high threat areas for the U.S. government. They had a few guys on the ground,” Owens said.

They said Blue Mountain hired unarmed guards through a third company.

Security was still lacking so the State Department told Torres to fix the matter, which according to Owens was basically them admitting to the fact they hired the wrong company for the job.

Torres stated it was going to take at least three weeks to fix things, however the attack that left four Americans dead happened twelve days later.

He went on to say that they were absolutely silenced by an official close to Clinton herself, pointing to her being the individual culpable for the tragedy that unfolded there that fateful day.

Owens capped off the revelation by saying, “Those who made the poor choices that actually, I would say, were more responsible for the Benghazi attacks than anyone else, they’re still in the same positions, making security choices for our embassies overseas now.”

Hillary Clinton has never been held accountable for the mistakes she made in Benghazi and her attempts to cover it up later by blaming the incident on an Internet video, which clearly was false as terrorist groups claimed responsibility for the attack with glee.

Four American citizens are dead thanks to her negligence and incompetence. The families of these individuals deserve closure, and the best way to achieve that is for Clinton and everyone else involved to pay for what happened.

if Hillary is so desperate to know why she lost last year, this incident and her refusal to take personal responsibility for it are definitely part of it.

Regardless, it was a terrible tragedy for our nation, and a dark stain on the Obama administration.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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