Move to erase “offensive” history takes INSANE turn

How can anyone be offended by history?  It’s a question sensible people have begun asking on nearly a daily basis since Barack Obama/Eric Holder/Loretta Lynch-era fueled social-justice malcontents have (successfully) led the drive to rid our nation of statues, parks, names and other monuments to our history and heritage.

But if you think this is limited to Civil War figures you’re wrong.  Memorials to people and events of the Civil War have opened the barn doors and now the horses are itching to get out.  Up next? Monuments to Spanish conquests.

The Colorado Springs Gazette picked up an AP story about a recent group of protestors who managed to get themselves arrested in Santa Fe, New Mexico – a city just a few hours to the south – while protesting an annual festival surrounding Don Diego de Vargas, a Spanish conquistador who first arrived in Santa Fe in 1692.  Yes, 1692. Before the U.S. civil war was even a thing.

The festival features costumed reenactments, the playing of traditional music and other such activities. It also features a reenactment of Juan de Onate’s arrival in present-day New Mexico. He came in  in 1598. Here’s how the madness played out:

“Public statues and tributes to early Spanish conquerors are facing mounting criticism tied to the brutal treatment of American Indians centuries ago by Spanish soldiers and missionaries, with activists drawing ethical parallels to the national controversy over Confederate monuments.

From California to Florida, historical markers and commonplace names trace the path of the 16th century Spanish conquistadors and missionaries who explored and settled land inhabited by American Indians in what is now the U.S. Few, if any, of the monuments honoring them have come down.

The Spanish presence is particularly noticeable in parts of the Southwest, which Spaniards controlled for about 300 years. In northern New Mexico, statues and annual re-enactments recognize two colonizers who quelled armed uprisings by American Indians and meted out reprisals that included slavery and executions.

On Friday, police arrested at least 12 people in Santa Fe as protesters chanted slogans opposing an annual pageant that marks the return of Spanish conquistador Don Diego de Vargas to New Mexico following a 17th century Indian revolt.

Pageantry supporters say they are honoring their Spanish heritage, paying homage to the Roman Catholic faith and highlighting reconciliation. For Native American tribes, the monuments and events often are reminders of forced religious conversions and violence against resisters of Spanish rule.”

And so the Spanish are next. You know, the Sphinx and Egyptian pyramids were constructed using slave labor – how long until protestors start demanding those things be torn down? You may think that’s a joke but deep down – would you really put it past them?

[NOTE: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebook and at]


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