After Irma, libs find NEW reason to be outraged when looters are actually arrested

Here’s something you didn’t know: “looter” is now a race.  Yes, according to at least one liberal keyboard warrior on Twitter, the Miami Police Department is run by a bunch of white supremacists who are racist against some new race of people known as looters.  When will the insanity stop?

At the core of the story is a photo tweet sent out by the Miami P.D. as a warning for future would-be looters looking to take advantage of the chaos wrought by Hurricane Irma.  Irma left much of Miami-Dade county without power – you know, the stuff that makes alarms work and without which neighborhoods and businesses are trapped in darkness all night.

Just the kind of environment for immoral, dishonest scum who’d take to the streets and round up as much free stuff as their arms or jalopies can carry.  Which is exactly what some have been doing and as is often the case, some have been caught.

So the Miami P.D. took a picture of these cretins in their detaining cell and tweeted it out as a warning.

Even though their faces were blurred to protect their identities it’s plain to see that most if not all of these are black males. Well don’t you know that was enough to send some libs over the top. Twitchy takes it from here:

“You know when a blue check [verified Twitter account] breaks out a phrase like ‘carceral state’ the BS to follow said phrase will be exceptionally deep.

This tweet from Sarah Jaffe came soon after the Miami P.D. released a photo of the looters in their cell who were arrested literally in the process of stealing shoes from a store during a hurricane.

Apparently arresting people for stealing is inseparable from white supremacy – who knew?

Twitchy covered this photo earlier today because we thought it was a GREAT PSA against looting during a hurricane.

So does this mean looter is a race now? *these people really believe this nonsense*

Duh, it’s always the white man’s fault.

We stopped being stunned by ignorance from the Left in 2010 … ok, sometimes they still tweet something we find exceptionally stupid (this comes close) but stunned, eh.

Honestly we’d be more stunned if someone WASN’T playing the race card.”

Nailed it. Have you ever read or heard the words ‘white supremacy’ used as much as they have been in the past eight months? It’s the new liberal playbook. When all else fails.  When there’s no where else to turn. If it appears there’s no room for logic, reason or facts and if your argument is being challenged for its validity – claim racism.

[NOTE: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebook and at]


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