How Bernie’s latest plan may pit him against Dems, and create wins for GOP

It could well be that Bernie Sanders is about to become the Democrat Party’s worst nightmare. Again.

The Vermont socialist gave Democrats fits last year when he was steamrolling toward the Party’s presidential nomination and thus had to be derailed by the media and party bosses who threw the election to Hillary Clinton. Now Crazy Bernie is at it again.

Senator Sanders has finally unveiled his plan for a universal, government-run single-payer health care system.

The fact that Sanders is trotting this out now places other Democrats in an untenable position. His appeal is almost exclusively to the hard left base, voters Democrats need to win, but no one else. Dems can’t win off of the votes of the alt-left and mask-wearing Antifa punks. They need a big chunk of middle America — and middle America isn’t buying Sanders’ government utopia vision.

The Associated Press is reporting:

“Sen. Bernie Sanders rode his impassioned liberal army of supporters through a tumultuous 2016, fighting to snatch the Democratic presidential nomination from Hillary Clinton. Now he’s disrupting the party anew, forcing Democrats to take sides over his plan to provide government-financed health care for all.

The Vermont independent’s proposal, which he plans to unveil Wednesday, is thrilling the party’s progressive base and attracting many potential 2020 presidential hopefuls eager to align those activists behind them. Yet Democratic leaders are stopping short of embracing it, and others are warning it’s a political and policy trap.

Meanwhile, the so-called single-payer bill has Republicans gleefully anticipating wielding it as a campaign weapon, particularly against the 10 Democrats defending Senate seats in states President Donald Trump won last year and where liberal voters are scarce.

“I’m not seeing any evidence single payer is attractive to the swing voters Democrats would need to win control of the House and Senate,” said Jim Hobart, a GOP political consultant. Using it against Democrats will be “a very inviting attack line,” he said.

As described by aides, Sanders’ bill would essentially expand the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly to all Americans, covering virtually all medical needs except long-term nursing care.

Sanders has released no price tag. The version he advanced during his presidential campaign would have cost a huge $1.4 trillion a year.

A similar House bill by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has 117 co-sponsors, more than half that chamber’s Democrats, underscoring the concept’s growing acceptance in Democratic circles. Yet, others are keeping their distance.

Underscoring the unease, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, of California, a long-time backer of the single-payer idea, declined to endorse Sanders’ measure Tuesday. She told reporters her focus is defending President Barack Obama’s health care law…”

The situation clearly spotlights a real problem Democrats have. Though it’s a massive leap towards a socialistic system we can’t afford, at least Sanders has something. A plan. An idea. A policy proposal. Few — if any — can name a single policy position today’s Democratic Party has on healthcare, jobs, the economy, our military, or managing rogue foreign interests, like Syria and North Korea.

Dems have hung their hats on Trump hate and #RESIST in one hand and publicly unpopular polices, like Obamacare and ‘free’ college in the other. Those two were bad enough but, now, along comes Bernie, and he’s going full-frontal on socialized healthcare, causing Democrats to have to make a choice: get on board and lose moderate Democrats — and even some Republicans they may otherwise have won — or #RESISTBERNIE, and lose his youthful, energetic progressive base.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebook, and at]


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