Portland police ERASING criminal gang database; reason why has jaws dropping

There’s a new movement in America centered on conveying the message that there are no consequences for actions. That is, as long as the actions are embraced and accepted by the progressive socialist left.  The liberal progressive left needs victims, and for them, there’s no abhorrent behavior that cannot be dismissed, disregarded, and excused away…based on feelings. The following story is testament to such.

As reported by Oregon Live, “Portland (Oregon) police next month will end their more than 20-year-old practice of designating people as gang members or gang associates in response to strong community concerns about the labels that have disproportionately affected minorities. 

The Police Bureau recognizes that the gang designations have led to “unintended consequences” and served as lifelong barriers for those who have shunned the gang lifestyle and tried to get jobs, said Acting Tactical Operations Capt. Andy Shearer.

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A review by Oregonian/OregonLive reporter Carli Brosseau last year found that of the 359 “criminal gang affiliates” flagged in Portland’s database as of last summer, 81 percent were part of a racial or ethnic minority. She obtained the list, names removed, only after appealing the city’s attempt to keep it from public view. 

Leaders from Black Male Achievement, former police Assistant Chief Kevin Modica and others have lobbied to end the designations. “Gang violence isn’t going to go away. There are still crimes attributed to known gang sets. There are still criminal gang members. That doesn’t go away because we don’t have a gang designation,” said Capt. Mike Krantz, who helped spearhead the change. “We’re not pretending gang violence doesn’t exist. We’re just taking this one thing away.” 

“It takes courage for the bureau to take this step,” said C.J. Robbins, program coordinator for Black Male Achievement. He applauded Modica and others in the bureau who responded to his group’s concerns and “acknowledged, ‘Hey this is not OK.'” “This is too long coming,” said Mayor Ted Wheeler, who serves as the city’s police commissioner. “It was the right thing to do.” Wheeler, who recently selected the first African American woman to serve as the bureau’s new police chief, said the decision shows that city police are committed to rebuilding trust with the community.”

Ok, let me get this right, in the city of Portland Oregon, there will no longer be “gang designations” and a gang member database because the gang members were minorities? This folks is a pure example of a special kind of stupid. And this group, Black Male Achievement, lobbied to have a removal of the designations instead of lobbying against young black males joining gangs?

This is my issue in this matter; we’re excusing the bad behavior and basically trying to say labeling gang members as gang members is mean, not politically correct, racist. No-doggone-body is telling these young boys, and in some cases girls, to join these gangs. But now we’re telling them they’re victims and can’t be mean to them, or hurt their self-esteem with labels, regardless if the label has been earned due to their own action.

This would be just fine if Portland, Oregon was some isolated island far off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The real danger is that gang members in Portland, Oregon travel elsewhere…up and down the I-5 corridor. Therefore, if there’s no gang database in Portland, what if a known…let me be politically correct here…”club” member travels elsewhere and commits a “club” related crime? That individual, since they’re not part of a database, won’t come up in the jurisdiction of the crime as a known “club” member. You know everywhere else they’re gangs — then again, this could be the new dog whistle by the left and all these cities run by delusional progressive socialists, like Mayor Ted Wheeler, and incoming Police Chief Danielle Outlaw.

So what is the perspective of our law enforcement officers? Here’s how Blue Lives Matter addressed the move by the Portland Police Bureau:The move appears to be done in the name of political correctness. Many agencies throughout the nation have gang member databases, and they are an invaluable investigative tool for officers, including officer safety. The gang database would alert officers when they were out with a known gang member, and that database is now going away. The database was also used to send social workers to try to work with the gang members to get them out of gangs… Kirsten Snowden, Multnomah County chief deputy district attorney, said that the purging of the gang database should not affect “prosecutions resulting from gang violence.” Police will actually be sending out letters to everyone in the gang member database to tell them that all documentation about their gang affiliation is being purged, according to the Portland Police Bureau website. Do you think that a city should ever put political correctness and gang member’s feelings before the safety of officers? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.”

I agree, but it appears that to the left, political correctness and their own demented ideological agenda supersedes the safety not just of our law enforcement officers, but of the general public as well. The drive towards sanctuary cities where criminal illegal immigrants can find respite, and now the purging of gang member databases are clear indicators that we cannot trust progressive socialists in local governance with our safety and security. We cannot trust them to uphold the rule of law.

Now, they’re really good at condemning and removing statues of dead Confederate generals or Italian explorers…but gangs and criminals, nah, they’re just fine. We can expect more of this to spread throughout the country, and let me remind you of something: gangs don’t ask if you’re a Republican or Democrat, just like Islamic jihadists…another protected class by the progressive socialist left.

If you agree with what Mayor Wheeler has allowed in Portland, well, you’re a morally corrupt chucklehead. And this organization, Black Male Achievement, is a disgrace. They took the low road and once again used race in conjunction with white guilt of liberal progressives in order to achieve a dangerous precedent. Their message should have been to go into these black communities and fight the gangs, but that takes true moral courage. Instead they sent the message that any form of aberrant and unlawful behavior can be excused because of your skin color. But character knows no color; it is an impeccable quality that transcends race.

I find it ironic that the new Portland police chief’s last name is Outlaw…gang members are outlaws, and should be treated as such, not coddled. I’m quite sure if you speak to a rank and file Portland police officer, they have a different opinion from Mayor Wheeler and Chief Outlaw.

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