WATCH: Teen thugs get INSTANT justice from fed-up gas station clerk

Crime doesn’t pay and sometimes it’s down right painful.  Such are the lessons learned by a trio of would-be thieves in a Milwaukee-area convenience store who decided to try and rip the place off one too many times and happened to run into a fed-up-with-their-act clerk.

Milwaukee’s Fox News 6 is reporting on an incident that occurred this week at a Citgo store at the intersection of 27th Street and Capitol Avenue in that city.  Three teens walked into the gas station and tried to steal some stuff – again. That’s when the fireworks began.

The clerk on duty at the time recognized them from prior shoplifting episodes and decided to take matters into his own hands. The store is equipped with an electronic door-lock mechanism which he used to lock them in.  Once caught and with no where to run the clerk confronts the fools who decide to resist.  One of them grabs a rubber “WET FLOOR” sign and threatens the brave clerk with it.  The clerk takes it from him and then, wielding it like a ninja, dispenses a little justice to the punks, resulting in some instant internet gold:

“Teenage thieves have been making life miserable for gas station owners on Milwaukee’s north side — over and over again! One fed up clerk fought back, and it was all caught on camera.

Three teens walked into the Citgo at 27th and Capitol early Wednesday, September 6th, and an employee believes they’ve hit the store before. There was a much different outcome this time.

As three teens were about to try to steal some merchandise, the video shows one suspect take a quick look at the clerk and then his buddy at the door, and one walk right by a chip vendor before appearing to load up.

Something unexpected happened as he made his way to the exit!

Anin Mirle said his gas station at 27th and Capitol has been hit time and time again, and his co-worker in this case refused to fall victim.

When the teenage suspects made a run for the door, it was quickly locked by the clerk. Then, the video shows the clerk grabbing a teenager and trying to escort him out of the store. That’s when a scuffle ensued.

One suspect grabbed a “wet floor” sign — a move he would likely soon regret.

After the clerk appeared to retreat and he was followed, he fought back again.

“It’s not silly. It’s a serious crime. It’s very real and a terrible situation for us to running a business,” Mirle said.

Mirle said these suspects have hit his business before, and he shared video in May. The owner of a nearby convenience store shared their video of similar encounters in August.

“They know how to rob. They know to to steal. They know how to snatch,” Mirle said.

Mirle said the clerk early Wednesday eventually opened the door, but the suspects tried to make one more move — walking right back into a fight, only to leave with little, if anything from the store.

These brazen young criminals have store owners pleading for help from the city. “The leaders should take responsibility,” Mirle said.

Those at the store said they’ve been asking for more police patrols in the area, but so far, the crime hasn’t stopped.  If you recognize the suspects — you’re asked to contact police.”

Fortunately the clerk sustained no injuries. Unfortunately being a convenience store worker is now one of the more dangerous jobs in America.

[NOTE: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebook and at]


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