Nancy’s calling the shots? In her DREAM (act)

Is Nancy Pelosi pulling the strings?

To give some context, President Donald Trump tweeted out the following this morning, informing those previously registered through DACA (which was suspended this week by Jeff Sessions) wouldn’t have to worry about deportation for the next six months.

This came after Trump tweeted out that Congress had six months to fix DACA.

This seems to be walking back the hard-line stance Trump had previously on all issues related to illegal immigration. Legislation that would more permanently protect so-called “dreamers,” called the DREAM Act, has been on the books since 2001, and most recently failed to pass through Congress during Barack Obama’s administration. That’s what prompted him to pass DACA through executive order.

Paul Ryan said regarding the six month gap, “The DACA dilemma is a symptom that stems from the fact that we do not have control of our borders. So it is only reasonable that while fixing this serious, real problem, we also try and address the root cause of that problem, and that is border security,” the speaker said. “I’ve been involved in this issue for years, and I really don’t think, for the most part, Democrats are against border security. And I think when you combine these two issues, I think you can find a compromise. And I think six months is enough time for us to figure that out.”

The speaker is already speaking about compromise. And it gets worse — as apparently Trump’s tweet from this morning was prompted by none other than Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi tweeted the following, thanking Trump:

Why is there need for compromise? Do Republicans need to be reminded that they control every level of government?

Someone better break out a copy of The Art of The Deal.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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