Cowboys QB has HARDCORE message about national anthem protests

Well, college football season has kicked off and there were some great games this first weekend. Next up, NFL season starts and of course being an Atlanta Falcons fan I’m looking forward to another successful season for Da Birds. Needless to say, there’s a little dark specter hanging over their head from the Super Bowl…they have a rematch with the Patriots in the regular season.

However, some folks just can’t seem to understand the NFL is about football – sport — not politics. But leave it up to the progressive socialist left to invade every single aspect of our society with their absurdity. And recently a sports reporter got a response he wasn’t prepared to receive..

As reported by the Dallas News Sports Day, “While protests of the national anthem continue to pick up steam, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott says he will not be joining the ranks of those kneeling. In an interview with Yahoo Sports posted Sunday, Prescott said he is “not at all” tempted to protest the anthem. Asked to explain his reasoning, Prescott had this to say: “I mean, it’s bigger than I think some of us think,” he said. “It’s just important for me to go out there, hand over my heart, represent our country and just be thankful and not take anything I’ve been given and my freedom for granted.” Earlier this month, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett also commented on anthem protests, saying, “There’s no question in my mind. The national anthem is sacred. The flag is sacred. And our team has demonstrated that.”

How refreshing. Once upon a time the Dallas Cowboys were referred to as “America’s Team” — maybe that mantra is returning. But to hear a pro athlete comment on representing his country and showing appreciation and thanks for the freedoms and liberties afforded is truly commendable.

Still, one has to ask, why are we witnessing this blatant assault by the left against the very basic symbol of our nation, our flag and our national anthem? This is, as Dallas QB Dak Prescott says, bigger than some of us think. This insane movement to eradicate portions of our nation’s history combined with a desire to disrespect the very symbols that unite us as a people are disconcerting.

You have to ask yourself, what’s next, what is to be replaced in subsequent assaults by the progressive socialist left? No one can debate that our Judeo-Christian faith heritage is under assault under the guise of “separation of church and state.” The fundamental principles of Western civilization, individual sovereignty and liberty, are being undermined by a collective mentality that subjugates the individual.

As I previously wrote, we must examine not only the separate actions of the left but rather comprehend their strategic design and objectives. Why has our national anthem all of a sudden become an issue? I found it interesting that the NFL refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to don a helmet decal to remember the five Dallas law enforcement officers who were killed last summer. This is what causes such angst — another clear hypocrisy.

Needless to say, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett will not be invited to the MTV video music awards to be a presenter. But his perspective, along with owner Jerry Jones, is their right to express, as they do have the freedom of speech. And if there are venues that prefer not to have them in attendance, I’m quite sure they won’t complain. They’ll just continue to speak as they believe. 

I will give the progressive socialist left credit for one thing: they are relentless. They have an ideological agenda and will be damned if they don’t get it implemented in this, the greatest nation the world has ever known. If we do not counter their determination in like manner, it will only be a matter of time. Over these past fifty some odd years, they’ve made a concerted effort to reach into every aspect of our societal being…and have successfully taken over and dominated the media, education, entertainment, academic and cultural outlets of our Republic to the point where we’re incessantly challenged to defend the very nature of the establishment of our America. And now they’re going in after that one area, the sports industry, namely football, that we thought was safe from ideological agendas. The left is furious that they’re losing political dominance, but even in a minority status they leverage the other aspects to their advantage.

Liberty-loving constitutional conservatives — notice I did not say Republicans — must do as the Atlanta Falcons motto states, “Rise Up” and be counted. We must become relentless, go on offense and look liberal progressives in the eye to convey a simple message: “not on my watch.”

Let’s enjoy this coming football season and not allow the left to ruin that, like they’ve done everything else. Next thing you know, there will be no keeping score, and every team, every player, will get a participation trophy.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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