Singer John Legend’s casting call for “Trump supporters” will make you never want to buy his music again

Like the rest of the entertainment industry, it’s no secret that singer John Legend isn’t a huge fan of President Trump. However, Legend’s feud with Trump might be a bit more personal than most.

The singer’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, has claimed in bizarre Twitter rants that Trump gives her “crippling anxiety“. Perhaps as a gift to her mental health, Trump later blocked Teigen on Twitter.

Apparently, Legend is taking the slight personally. As the singer prepares to make a new music video, he put out a casting call for Trump supporters. However, it’s the specific kind of Trump supporter he wants that’s turning heads.

From Bizpac Review:

If liberals know anything, it’s how to shape the political narrative… even if it requires dictating the size of the preferred shape.

John Legend has put out a casting call for older, fat white people to appear in his new music video as Trump supporters, TMZ reported.

According to a listing on Casting Networks in L.A., the musician’s upcoming music video project needs several actors to play protesters on a set resembling a rally/counterprotest … including 8 white men and women, 30-65 years old, “preferably out of shape” to play Trump supporters.

A photo accompanied the casting call, to ensure there’s no misunderstanding about what being “out of shape” looks like:

In addition to overweight Trump supporters, Legend has other requirements to fill:

The casting call also asked for ten young, blonde males with “very short hair or short on sides, long on top,” to play the role of protesters — can you say alt-right?

Actors are needed to play Black Lives Matter protesters as well, although no physical preference was listed, according to TMZ.

To boot, Legend also wants kissing lesbians, but not just your run of the mill lesbians.

No, he wants a white lesbian and a Hispanic lesbian because, as the segregating casting call states: “We want to show that there is no segregation in love. But just two human beings of any race or color.”

At this point, it’s clear where Legend is trying to go with his music propaganda video. The goal is to portray those who support Trump in the most negative light possible, while making the left out to be the virtuous ones.

Like Clinton, Legend wants to cast half the country as  “deplorable.” With such a twisted view of their fellow countrymen, is it any wonder liberals are failing to connect with the American people?

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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