Why ending DACA would be a boon for America — despite one SCARY prediction

As soon as the Trump administration announced that President Obama’s most controversial immigration program could come to an end soon, liberals began scaring Americans about the consequences of doing that — when they weren’t just depicting Trump as a heartless jerk.

“If he ends DACA, Trump would betray #DREAMers he said he’d treat w/ ‘great heart.’” said Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, the Democratic vice presidential nominee. “These incredible young people make our country stronger.”

The Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA for short, prevented hundreds of thousands of young illegals from being deported.

Fox News reports:

Trump promised to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, during the presidential campaign — but since taking office had left the door open to preserving parts of it.

According to the official, Trump is expected to announce the program’s end but will allow so-called “dreamers” currently in the program to stay in the U.S. until their work permits expire – which, for some, could be as long as two years.

The White House suggested Thursday afternoon, though, that Trump has yet to give the final sign-off. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters at the daily briefing the program is still “under review.”

“A final decision on that front has not been made, and when it is, we will certainly inform everybody in this room,” she said.

The program was formed through executive order by then-President Barack Obama in 2012 and allows for certain people who came to the U.S. illegally as minors to be protected from immediate deportation.

Cue the scaremongers, beginning with Fortune Magazine:

The United States could lose up to 700,000 jobs and suffer billions of dollars in lost economic output if President Donald Trump ends a program granting work permits to the children of undocumented immigrants, a new report finds.

The report examines the potential economic consequences of cancelling the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, or DACA. Under DACA, undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as minors are eligible to apply for a renewable work permit protecting them from deportation. Approximately 800,000 people, sometimes called “dreamers,” have benefitted [sic]from DACA, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

An average of 30,000 workers could lose their jobs every month if DACA were repealed or permit renewals were held up, the report found. It also estimated that the loss of those workers could cost the country $460.3 billion in economic output over the next decade, with Medicare and Social Security contributions dropping by $24.6 billion.

Jazz Shaw over at HotAir has an answer for them:

Holy Guacamole, Batman! 700K jobs lost? An additional 30K per month after that? Almost half a trillion in lost economic output? Why, that’s pretty much the entry point to a new great recession. Except that you need to consider both the source of this “report” and what it is that they’re actually talking about.

First of all, Fortune is citing a paper from the Center for American Progress, which is essentially an unofficial arm of the Democratic National Committee. It was founded by John Podesta and the front page of their web site is nothing but one article after another about how horrible Trump is and why the Social Justice Warriors should just be allowed to reorganize society as they please.

But even if we choose to ignore the source, what is this “report” actually talking about? It’s the fact that the employers of all of the formerly legal DACA participants would need to terminate their employment. For those who have difficulty with the language, there’s a difference between “job losses” and “people being fired.” The former refers to a downturn in the economy where employers begin cutting back on staffing. This results in an actual contraction of the economy. The latter means that a job comes open when the former worker is no longer employed. This happens on a daily basis around the country when employers find that one of their workers simply isn’t getting the job done or winds up on the front page of the local paper after their home meth lab explodes. The employer then hires a new worker who hopefully meets their requirements and business resumes as per usual.

If all 700,000 of those suddenly illegal (again) non-citizens were to be let go awaiting deportation from companies who actually need those positions filled, 700,000 new jobs would open for 700,000 citizens. The unemployment rate is low right now, thankfully, but it’s not at zero. There are still people out there looking for work and more are graduating every year. And if we are in the happy condition of having more jobs than available workers that means competition for labor will result in wages and benefits increasing as those employers fight to land the best applicants.

So please tell, Democrats. How’s this bad again?

Ending DACA, which hopefully the President will do soon, only does one thing — take away an extremely generous exemption in our nation’s immigration laws. As Shaw points, out, once removed, employers will naturally prefer to hire non-illegals. Wages may also rise. So the report is nothing but a made-up crisis.

Some might say it’s heartless to enforce the law, but we as a nation don’t have unlimited resources and must put our own citizens and their needs first.

Trump has had great success in curbing illegal immigration and in improving the immigration system, including a massive crackdown on the MS-13 gang. If he goes through with this, he will simply add to his list of victories and no doubt please a big portion of his base.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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