UN: Trump may be inciting VIOLENCE against media with comments about “fake news”

Not only does the liberal media seem to have it out for Donald Trump, but so does the United Nations, which really shouldn’t be a surprise given that verbally assaulting the president and making wild accusations against him has become par for the course over the last seven months.

It seems there are three particular talking points people focus on when it comes to Trump,: he’s either colluding with Russia, supporting white supremacy, or inciting violence against the media.

That last point is one that the UN human rights chief decided to latch on to recently saying that calling the media “fake news” incites violence.

Yahoo News is reporting, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein voiced particular alarm over Trump’s verbal assaults on CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post.

“To call these news organisations ‘fake’ does tremendous damage and to refer to individual journalists in this way, I have to ask the question, is this not an incitement for others to attack journalists?

“And let’s assume a journalist is harmed from one of these
organisations, does the president not bear responsibility for this, for having fanned this?” Zeid told reporters in Geneva.

“I believe it could amount to incitement,” he added, saying Trump had set in motion a cycle that includes “incitement, fear, self-censorship and violence.”

According to the rights chief, Trump’s assault on the media has emboldened other countries to crack down on press freedoms.

President Trump is not inciting violence against the media. Not at all. What he’s doing is what Americans have been dreaming of for a long time: calling out biased news outlets and holding them accountable for being less than truthful when reporting on “the facts.”

If the news media, like CNN and MSNBC, weren’t so heavily left-leaning, if they attempted to be objective and didn’t opine on every single story in order to present a leftist worldview, they wouldn’t face such criticism.

The purpose of a free press, as guaranteed in the Constitution, is to ensure that people get all of the facts they need to make solid, informed decisions and to hold public servants accountable for their deeds in office.

When a news organization abandons ethics, this is no longer possible. They are no longer a news organization but a propaganda wing for their cause.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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