Linda Sarsour doubles down after promoting Hurricane Harvey charity fraud

After we posted about it yesterday, Women’s March, Sharia-loving, feminist Linda Sarsour appears to be giving fraud a try for the third time.

In the past, we reported a case in which she had raised $112,000 for a Somali Muslim woman named Rahma Warsame, who was allegedly attacked by a white man in a hate crime. According to the fundraiser itself, she suffered four missing teeth (but told the police she lost two), a swollen face, busted lips, and a swollen nose as a result of her injuries. She claimed to have been told “you will be shipped back to Africa” while she was being attacked.

The Ohio police determined that the attack wasn’t a hate crime, as the Somali woman in question was part of a mob that attacked 31-year-old Samantha Morales, a woman of Hispanic descent. Morales was attacked after confronting Warsame, who was outside of her apartment complex yelling and hitting her son with a shoe.

Fail Number One.

Then there was the $162k Sarsour raised to go towards restoring gravestones in Jewish cemeteries that had been destroyed in St. Louis, MO., Chicago, IL., and Rochester, NY. At the time the allegations were uncoverd, the cemeteries said they had not recieved the promised funds, nor were the monies refunded.

That was Fail Number Two.

Then yesterday, she began raising money for what was advertised as a fund to help victims of Hurricane Harvey — but was actually going towards a leftist advocacy group (and not a cent going to victims).

The official Women’s March Twitter feed, meanwhile, was prepared to help anyone who wasn’t white.

Sarsour rightfully received an immense level of criticism as a result of the faux-fundraiser, so how did she reply? In classic Sarsour fashion: by blaming all the criticism on alt-right, Zionist, misogynistic, right-wing, racist, bigoted, Islamophobes (did that about cover it all, Linda?).

Apparently, because she didn’t create the fraudulent PAC, but merely promoted it, she bears no responsibility for funneling funds to progressive activist groups, and also falsely advertising it as disaster relief. This would be like a recruiter for a pyramid scheme claiming he bears no responsibility because he didn’t create the scheme himself.

You know, they say the third time’s a charm…However, they also say three strikes and you’re out!

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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