UPDATE: Bizarre new twist in ‘neo-Nazi haircut’ story

In the aftermath of the race riots in Charlottesville, a Colorado man claimed to have been assaulted and suffered a knife wound after having been attacked because of his haircut. We all thought, “That’s awful! That shouldn’t happen in America!”  Well, it didn’t.

On August 16th, Joshua Witt, 26, filed a police report and made a Facebook post that caught instant viral fire when he claimed he’d been attacked outside a burger restaurant near his home, “Apparently, my haircut is considered a neo-Nazi statement,” he told the NY Post, as his Facebook account garnered 20,000 shares.

Witt says he’d just pulled in to the parking lot of the Steak ’n Shake in Sheridan, Colorado, and was opening his car door. “All I hear is, ‘Are you one of them neo-Nazis?’ as this dude is swinging a knife up over my car door at me,” he said. “I threw my hands up and once the knife kind of hit, I dived back into my car and shut the door and watched him run off west, behind my car.

The dude was actually aiming for my head,” he added. “I was more in shock because I was just getting a milkshake.

Turns out the ‘dude’ who was trying to cut Witt, was Witt. From NBC KJRH:

“A man who claimed he’d been stabbed outside of a restaurant on Aug. 16 because his haircut made him look like a neo-Nazi actually stabbed himself, police say.

Joshua Lee Witt, 26, was booked late last week on a false reporting to authorities criminal summons, which could land him a fine of $2,650 and up to a year in jail if he’s convicted.

Witt posted his allegations on Facebook after the incident, which he alleged happened on Aug. 16 outside a Sheridan, Colorado Steak ‘n Shake. He also reported the allegations to police.

At the time, Witt told officers a black man in his 20s came up to him outside the restaurant and asked, “Are you one of them neo-Nazis?” and tried to stab him. Witt said he had gotten a defensive wound while trying to stop the stabbing, and posted pictures of his bloody hand to Facebook. He said the man ran off afterward.

Witt, who has a haircut similar to the way some on the “alt-right” have been wearing theirs lately, claimed his haircut may have been the cause for the alleged attack.

But police weren’t convinced, and reviewed surveillance video in the area, and never saw a black man running from the scene. They also discovered that a transient man matching the description lived nearby. They interviewed him and discovered he wasn’t involved.

Police then reviewed more surveillance video—this time from a nearby sporting goods store. That video showed Witt had bought a small knife from the store just minutes before the attack.

Last Thursday, Sheridan police confronted Witt with the new information, and Witt admitted he’d accidentally cut himself with the knife inside his car, then made up the story about the attack.

He was booked and released on the criminal summons afterward.”

So the kid bought a knife, got to playing with it, cut himself and then cooked the whole thing up.

When reporting news is what you do, occasionally you get the story wrong. Along with other news outlets, we here at Allen B. West picked up on the original story and reported it. Of course, no one at the time knew it was false, but we apologize to our loyal readers.

As for Witt, one can only speculate that a person would do such a thing out of some twisted need for attention.  Mr. Witt will now be getting it. He’s soon to be the recipient of the undivided attention of a judge.

[NOTE: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him RMBlackConservatives.com ]

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