What? Liberals now say CIGARETTES are racist

In a world where everything is racist, would you believe that food and beverages make the list?

Back in March the Seattle Times informed us that soda taxes are racist because blacks and Hispanics consume more beverages than whites and Asians (who only count as a minority when it’s convenient to the Left)! Ironically, in absence of taxes on soda, they’d probably make the argument that it’s the lack of a tax is racist, because soda is disproportionately affecting the health of blacks and Hispanics. See how this works?

Would you believe that cigarettes are racist too? Apparently the number one cause of early mortality has the ability to discriminate, as according to the Atlanta Black StarU.S. Sen. Edward Markey is calling for a ban on menthol cigarettes, arguing that tobacco companies disproportionately target African-Americans when they market and promote the cigarettes.

The Massachusetts Democrat is leading a group of fellow senators in calling on the Food and Drug Administration to prohibit the cigarettes, noting that African-Americans suffer the greatest burden of tobacco-related mortality of any ethnic or racial group in the U.S.

The letter to the FDA sent earlier this week was also signed by fellow Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse, of Rhode Island, and Richard Blumenthal, of Connecticut. 

The letter notes that in 2011, the FDA conducted a scientific review that concluded “menthol cigarettes pose a public health risk above that seen with non-menthol cigarettes.”

Indeed, how dare the tobacco industry market brands to the demographics that prefer them! It’s rich that these liberals are relying on stereotypes for their policy (blacks preferring menthol cigarettes), when they wouldn’t waste a second to brand anyone else racist who did the same.

Are they going to call for Virginia Slims to be banned next for targeting middle-aged women? Apparently none of these senators understand how advertising works.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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