Now that he’s out, Gorka is set to EXPOSE White House ‘saboteurs’

When you’re the president of the United States, it’s critical that you surround yourself with people who are supportive of your agenda and can be trusted to keep important information under wraps.

According to former deputy assistant to the president, Sebastian Gorka, this isn’t the case under current White House occupant Donald Trump.

Apparently, the president has a bunch of individuals working for him who are determined to undermine his administration and who would have rather worked for Hillary.

Yahoo News reports:

Gorka, who disputed reports he was asked to leave his role and insisted he resigned shortly after the departure of Steve Bannon, slammed West Wing insiders in an interview with Radio 4 on Sunday.

“Hopefully everybody who followed the campaign of Donald J. Trump understood that he won against immense odds. Our victory was an insurgency that took over the behemoth that is the swamp that is the Washington administrative state. It was a hostile takeover. Right now the forces that are un-Trumpian are in ascendance. I put that in my letter to the president, but that will change,” Gorka told presenter Paddy O’Connell.

Sebastian Gorka appears on MSNBC on August 8. The White House deputy assistant proclaimed a recent series of hate crimes in the U.S. “fake.”

“There’s no conspiracy theory here and there’s no central leader. They are individuals who if you look at their career they clearly would have been very comfortable working for Hillary Clinton in her cabinet and as such they don’t really represent the victory of November 8,” he added.

Gorka, who once referred to the BBC as “fake news,” refused to name any individuals who he believed were not working towards the same goals as Trump and became agitated when pushed on what he would be doing to work for Trump outside of the White House.

Given the astounding number of leaks that have taken place in the administration, it doesn’t at all seem beyond the realm of possibility that people on the inside are trying to sabotage the president and his agenda.

If this is indeed the case, these individuals need to be exposed and rooted out of the administration, then replaced with professionals who understand what Trump is trying to accomplish.

It seems likely that much of Gorka’s upcoming work (he’s returning to Breitbart) will include bringing these people to light and helping to fix the issues the current administration is facing from the outside — by using the power of the media.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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