Here’s the Left’s most BIZARRE reason for impeaching Trump

You can always count on those lovable leftists in the realm of academia to say something absolutely ridiculous and off the wall.

Our president has become a favorite target of progressives all across the country, especially celebrities — who seem to have nothing better to do than complain on Twitter — and college professors who see it as their task to create whole generations of snowflakes and big government statists.

A good case in point is a professor from the University of Missouri-Columbia who thinks that President Trump’s decision to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an “impeachable offense.”

The College Fix reports:

University of Missouri-Columbia Professor Frank Bowman notes on his blog Impeachable Offenses that Mr. Trump “committed his first verifiable impeachable offense” (emphasis added) with his pardon of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Stay with him here. For, although “Article II Section 2 of the Constitution gives a president effectively unlimited to power to pardon anyone (possibly even including himself),” Bowman points to Northwestern Professor Martin Redish’s contention that this pardon should be invalid since it offends the Constitution’s Due Process Clause …

[That’s] because the only effective redress for those whose rights were violated by then–Sheriff Arpaio when he defied the court’s injunction is a contempt sanction, and voiding that sanction with a pardon both neuters the judicial power to enforce constitutional rights and deprives Arpaio’s victims of relief.

The founders included in the constitution a congressional power to impeach presidents primarily to respond to misuse by the president of express or implied powers given him elsewhere in the document.

It is true that presidents and other officials can be impeached for conduct not involving the exercise of a specific official power if it intrudes somehow into the sphere of public duty. And impeachment can be proper in the case of a heinous private criminal offense which so far undercuts the moral authority and personal credibility of the offender that he can no longer effectively perform his office.

So according to the good professor, the reason why Trump should be impeached is because he exercised a constitutionally-created presidential power.

Feel free to read that again.

And this: Bowman sees the pardon as violating the rights of the folks whose rights Arpaio already supposedly violated — by essentially not giving them some sort of justice for what happened.

It seems the insanity of the left is caught in a loop that’s impossible to break, which is why it just keeps going and going.

At the end of the day, unless some heinous scandal gets revealed, there’s no chance Trump will be impeached. It simply isn’t going to happen and folks like this professor — who keep pressing for it, day after day — are wasting a whole lot of time.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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