Antifa just gave us a hint of what’s coming — and it’s SCARY

After a radical, right-wing rally and counter-protest in Charlottesville, Va., turned violent earlier this month, liberal media pundits tripped over themselves to condemn the President for placing some blame on both sides.

In doing so, they continued to ignore the growing trend of left-wing violence that has spread across the country.

Ironically, the California city of Berkeley has been the epicenter of the violent tactics. Once known as a haven for free speech, liberals in Berkeley have now become synonymous with suppressing it. All too often, the “protests” there have turned violent, leaving behind destroyed property and even bloodshed.

Sadly, none of that changed over the weekend when one group planned a peaceful, pro-Trump, “anti-Marxist” rally in Berkeley. In fact, the violence that unfolded there may have escalated to new highs.

From SF Gate:

An army of anarchists in black clothing and masks routed a small group of right-wing demonstrators who had gathered in a Berkeley park Sunday to rail against the city’s famed progressive politics, driving them out — sometimes violently — while overwhelming a huge contingent of police officers.

Hundreds of officers tried to maintain calm in and around Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park before the 1 p.m. “No to Marxism in Berkeley” rally, putting up barricades, searching bags and confiscating sticks, masks, pepper spray and even water bottles. The goal was to head off the type of clashes that sprang from similar rallies in the city earlier this year.

But like in Charlottesville, instead of taking control, police stepped aside and allowed chaos to erupt:

But once again, counterdemonstrators frustrated efforts by police, who numbered about 400. As the crowd swelled to several times that size, officers stepped aside and allowed hundreds of people angered by the presence of the right-wing rally to climb over the barriers into the park, said Officer Jennifer Coats, a spokeswoman for Berkeley police.

 The masked counterprotesters, often referred to as antifa or antifascists, significantly outnumbered the people who had come for the rally, many of whom wore red clothing indicating support for President Trump. The anarchists chased away the right-wingers, and in one case four or five pummeled a man with fists and sticks before a radio host for Reveal, Al Letson, jumped in to shield the victim. Anarchists also attacked reporters who documented their actions.

By the time the confrontations wound down in midafternoon, police had arrested 13 people, including one for assault with a deadly weapon, Coats said. Most were accused of bringing banned items into the park. Six people reported non-life-threatening injuries, Coats said, including two taken to hospitals.

As has been the case before, national mainstream media outlets have been unwilling to cover the true story. Despite the numerous incidents of left-wings violence, many in the media continue to peddle the myth that these are “peaceful” demonstrations.

Far from peaceful, these left-wing agitators are bringing violence wherever they go. They’re brutal thugs, as this video proves:

Unfortunately, given the passive support they’re getting from the liberal establishment, it seems the trend — and the violence — is unlikely to quell anytime soon.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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